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Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 105: Do You Let Anyone Watch You Weigh In?

"Nobody gets to see me up close and personal with my scale." [Photograph: Ed Levine] A few days ago my wife asked if I was about to take a shower in our bathroom. I said I was, but first I had to weigh myself. I walked over to Will's bathroom, where Thinner lives. My wife followed right behind me. Just as I was about to open the door to Thinner's one room abode, my wife asked the question no serious dieter wants to hear: "I want to see what you weigh. Can I watch you get on the scale?" "Are you kidding," I said, knowing she wasn't kidding at all. "Absolutely not. Nobody gets to see me up close and... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 90: The Return of Thinner

"I know there are all kinds of theories out there about how often you should weigh yourself when you're trying to lose weight." [Photograph: Ed Levine] I returned from three days of cold and rain on Cape Cod to my beloved Thinner, though truth be told he did not welcome me with open arms. In fact he greeted me with a weight of 220 pounds. That freaked me out. So as the week progressed, I looked for signs of life. I got down to 218 pounds by Thursday, so I had a chance of at least minimizing the damage caused by not having Thinner with me. In fact, I really didn't go crazy on the Vineyard without Thinner. I managed... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 89: Will No Thinner Make Me Fatter?

[Photograph: Ed Levine] We left New York yesterday, headed for rainy and windy Cape Cod without my trusty scale, Thinner. I believe this is the first time in 89 weeks that I have hit the road without him. I have no excuse, so I'm just putting it out there right now. The real question that needs to answered be posthaste is this: Will no Thinner make me fatter? Will I use Thinner's absence as an excuse to go crazy, knowing I won't have to face Thinner's wrath until Tuesday? After all, my daily weigh-ins on Thinner, and of course my weekly weigh-ins on this weekly diet post, have functioned as a very effective governor, thwarting my tendency to binge.... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 83: Bad Road Food Habits in Chicago

"There was more delicious Chicago food to be had, and I had it." Pizza from Great Lake. Read all about my visit here ยป I thought I had licked my road food problem--the one that gives me license to eat insane amounts of food when traveling. I convince myself I may never pass through that town again. Then I went to Chicago and the Windy City got the best of me. The first day, Robyn and I had barbecue at Honey1 BBQ, hot dogs and duck fat fries at Hot Doug's, frozen custard and Boston Shakes at Scooter's, pizza at Great Lake, and an espresso malt nightcap at Bobtail, a well-regarded Chicago ice cream shop. I tried to eat everything... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 68: Coming Up on the Big 5-0

Though I've been stuck at 219 pounds for the last month (damn these cursed weight-loss plateaus), it's occurred to me that if I continue to lose weight, I will shortly pass the 50-pound weight-loss threshold. I guess this really is a serious diet I've been on. When I decided to do something about my weight a little more than a year and a half ago, I weighed in at an all-time high of 265 pounds. Small for an NFL offensive lineman, but way, way too much for me, a pretty good, fast-on-my-feet-considering-I-weighed- 250-pounds, scrambling flag football quarterback in college (my teams did win the intramural flag-football championship at Grinnell four years in a row). So being stuck on 219 means... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 52: Mr. Metabolism Fights Back on My Birthday Week

I knew this week was going to be trouble. Big trouble. I knew Thinner was going to be fickle and cranky and maybe downright rebellious, assisted in no small part by his partner, Mr. Metabolism. Mr. Metabolism was cross with me because I had crossed a line in his view, the 230 pound line. And when you cross a line with Mr. Metabolism you better be prepared to back it up big time with a downright abstemious week. Otherwise Mr. Metabolism will bounce you right back to the 230s and not even think twice. Because that's what he likes to do: Get you feeling confident and publicly declaring your 229-ness and then bam, he and his pal Thinner in the... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 44: Does Moving the Scale Help Lose Weight?

I could have moved the scale to China, but I still would have weighed 238. Though I have occasionally engaged in the not-so-fine art of scale moving during my serious diet before Thanksgiving, it was my post-Turkey Day weigh-in (the Friday after) that sent me into a veritable scale-moving frenzy. All to no avail of course. First, for those of you unfamiliar with the scale-moving weight loss technique, let me explain. Scale-moving starts when you weigh yourself with your scale in its usual place and you are desperately unhappy with the results. The Friday after Thanksgiving was a prime example. I hated the fact that I had gained two pounds last week. I didn't think I deserved such bad news.... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 30: 'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Scale

The week didn't get off to a very good start. Saturday we went to visit friends in Block Island, off the coast of New London, Connecticut. Beautiful place, and our friends Arietta and Sam really showed us a good time, food and otherwise. Arietta loves to bake, so upon our arrival, she presented us with a platter of amazing chocolate chip cookies. The next day we had scones and a cobbler from a pretty good farmer's market baker for breakfast, excellent burgers for lunch, and lobsters and corn for dinner. Anyway, you get the picture. A fine relaxing weekend with good friends filled with good food. We got back Sunday night. I got on the scale Monday morning and discovered... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet Week 29: So Far, a Net Loss of Eight Pounds (Not Bad, Right?)

I've been posting about my diet for more than half a year now, and I think it's time to take stock in the bigger picture. As I write this I weigh 246 pounds, which is 19 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest (265), which was well before I started posting about my diet travails. Looking Back, Looking Forward I have lost 8 pounds in the 29 weeks I have been posting specifically about the diet. Using various metrics I have encountered in recent years, and knowing my own body, I would feel great and look good weighing 225 pounds. That is my ultimate goal, and I think it's attainable. The Revised Plan At this point, you're all probably... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 16: The Tale of the Scale

I have a love-hate relationship with my scale. Check that. Actually, I have a hate-hate relationship with it. Every diet book and diet plan addresses the role the scale should or does play in your life as a dieter. At Weight Watchers, each member weighs in once a week. Other diet plans say don't worry about the scale, measure your progress in inches with a tailor's tape measure or by repeatedly trying on an article of clothing. The point is that whatever role we assign to our scale, it looms large in a dieter's life. We want it to be our friend, to be the bearer of good news. I also use my scale (right), a sleek, trim black number... More

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