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Pizza Trends of 2011

As we edge closer to 2012, taking stock of the past year and the trends that were help to orient us in the ever-evolving pizza landscape. If there is one thing that I learned in 2011 it is to look to the home kitchens of Slice'rs for what's really taking hold. It isn't always some innovative new way to rework the cheese, sauce, and dough combo, but rather giving new life to tried and true styles and varieties, and in doing so, introducing folks coming from many different pizza backgrounds to pizzas that are totally new to them. Here are some of the trends we've noticed in the past year, and a look at possible trends to come. More

10 New NYC Discoveries in 2011

No matter how much you eat around New York City, no matter for how many decades, there is always more to discover. Sometimes it's new spots, sometimes older ones, sometimes from restaurants you expect to be excellent but still manage to blow you away. Here are 10 edible discoveries I made in New York this year. What are yours? More

The Year in Fast Food: Highlights, Lowlights, and More Breakfast Sandwiches

Although the past year didn't produce any fast food innovations on the order of 2010's fried-chicken-as-bread breakthrough, there were still several notable additions to the nation's collective drive-thru menu. In particular, breakfast took a couple of little steps forward (along with the usual steps back), bread got weird and ambitious, and they continued to throw cheese at us from all angles. More

Carey's 8 Favorite NYC Bites of 2011

Trying to come up with my favorite eight bites this year is a damn near impossible task: first of all, to remember anything; second of all, to rank everything. (Third of all, to grudgingly concede certain bites to Kenji and Ed.) But here are the discoveries this year that most stick out in my mind. From Astoria to Chinatown, fritters to foie gras, they're all remarkable enough to deserve that "Best Bite" designation. More

8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2011

This is an annual thing with me now (see 8PTHMD 2009 and 8PTHMD 2010). I ate a lot of pizza over the course of the year, but these eight pies, mostly from around the NYC area, are the ones that haunt my dreams even as we close in on 2012. Like years past, I'm not declaring these "the best," per se, just eight pizzas that stand out in my memory and that I want more of. Are they in any kind of order? Not this year, so don't read anything into it. Just peep the slideshow and salivate. More

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