'The Year That Was 2010' on Serious Eats

Seriously Asian: Top 6 Asian Cookbooks of 2010

Judging by the comments in our Best Cookbooks of 2010, it looks like some readers are hankering for a list of our favorite Asian Cookbooks from 2010. Given the wide variety of books that fall under the umbrella category of "Asian," there were quite a few contenders. We were most drawn to the cookbooks that offered both excellent instruction and a distinctive voice, inspiring cooks in the kitchen. More

Slice's Revue of Reviews from 2010

Items on this site tend to roll off the page pretty quickly, sometimes disappearing before you've had the chance to check them out. That's fine with goofy pizza-related news items, but our reviews are another thing — I don't want the pizza-obsessed out there (that would be you) to miss any opportunity to try a killer pizzeria. So I've gone back through the Slice archives for 2010 and have indexed all the reviews in one handy post. Hope you discover something new! More

The Year That Was: Top 10 Talk Topics of 2010

2010 in Spirits and Cocktails: Mezcal, Tiki's Comeback, and Friendly Bartenders

The last five or so years have been dynamic ones in the world of spirits and cocktails; which makes it kind of surprising (to me, anyway) that 2010 was relatively quiet. Among the trends that do seem genuinely worthwhile, tequila and mezcal continued their climb in prominence, tiki made a big comeback, and perhaps the most interesting development of 2010, is how hospitable and friendly craft bartenders have become. After years of deadpan stares, bartenders seemed to realize that, hey, maybe it's a good idea to be nice to the customer for a change. More

The Year That Was: Slice Pizza Poll Standings for 2010

At one point more than a year ago, Slice'r famdoc suggested we do a weekly poll. We really started this feature in earnest in 2010, with a pizza-related question for you each Monday (minus a few weeks we missed).

Some polls were great and revealed more than we thought they would (like the charring one, which was like a group therapy session). And some polls ... well ... all I can say that in coming up with a new topic week after week there are bound to be some stupid ones here and there.*

Gathered here are most of this year's polls, with their current standings. Please note that many of these had 3 or more options, so "winning" percentages may not be 51% or higher.

Also note that if you feel strongly about any of these, the polls are always open, so go vote if you want to sway the outcome.


The Year That Was: Top 10 Items on Serious Eats New York in 2010

The Year That Was: The Tasty 10 of 2010

Agricultural Predictions for 2011

Over the past few weeks, food blogs have been doling out predictions of what trends were big this year, and what will be hitting our plates come 2011. Well, none of these trends could enter the zeitgeist without some solid agricultural production in the new year. So that's what I'm here to share: a drier, but arguably more important, look at upcoming food and agriculture trends. More

The Year That Was: Top 10 Items on Slice in 2010

10 Favorite Serious Eats Recipes of 2010

With multiple recipes going up on the site everyday, we've created a big pool to pick from, no matter what you're craving. But these were the ten that blew us away. They taught us a special technique or to use a certain ingredient in a new way. They helped us woo future boyfriends or girlfriends. They are the recipes we're still thinking about. More

The Best Street Food I Ate in 2010

Of all the trucks, Airstream trailers, and carts I ate from this year in the name of finding the country's best street food, here are the five that still stick with me. The ones I can still practically taste. The ones that made me wonder, sheesh, you squeezed a kitchen into that mobile contraption of yours and made food that tastes this good? More

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