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The Top 10 Most-Googled Recipes of 2009

Beans, beans. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] According to Restaurants & Institutions, the top 10 most-Googled recipes of last year were: Chili Meatloaf Cheesecake Banana bread Pancake Salsa Hummus Lasagna Apple pie Meatball Does that gibe with your own cooking-search behavior in 2009?... More

L.A. Pizza Maven Top 8 Pizzas

The Potato, Pancetta, and Fontina pie from Pizzaiolo in Oakland, California. [Photographs: L.A. Pizza Maven] Sliding in just under the wire for retrospective posts, our man in L.A., L.A. Pizza Maven, checks in with his Top 8 Pies of 2009. Sit back, grab a drool cup, and view gallery of pizza deliciousness! —The Mgmt.... More

The Year That Was: Top 10 Posts on Serious Eats

Since the long holiday weekend isn't over, we've still got some time left to look back at the year just ended before you roll your eyes at us completely. I just posted a list of the Top 50 Serious Eats Talk Threads and while I was at it figured I'd take a look at what the Tasty 10 of 2009 looked like. Here they are: 1. The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs » 2. Recipe: Rice Krispies Sushi » 3. Sunday Brunch: The Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever » 4. Recipe: How to Make a Choco Taco » 5. One Dozen Trader Joe's Eggs, Each with a Double Yolk » 6. Adam's Top 8 Pizzas of 2009 » 7. The... More

Ingredient of the Year: Brussels Sprouts

[Photo © Sarah Shatz/Food52] The ingredient of the year? Brussels sprouts. Moms everywhere are going to be in shock about this pronouncement, but the evidence is overwhelming. Brussels sprouts are being served morning, noon, and night, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every time in between. And why not? They can be nutty, crispy, and tender all at the same time. How many foods can you say that about? Consider the following:... More

The Year That Was: Street Food

If it was served from a truck, cart, bus, camping trailer, or some other mobile contraption, it was probably a little cooler to eat this year. No longer does "street food" just mean a humdrum hot dog or pretzel—it now covers everything from brioche ice cream sandwiches to duck tacos and schnitzel. While food carts have historically illustrated a community's immigrant growth, this year it seemed like everyone and their grandma were opening a sidewalk food business, no matter where they came from. Here were some highlights.... More

8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams

I've eaten a lot of pizza in the last year or so, but these eight pies from around the country continue to haunt my dreams. I'm not declaring these "the best," per se, just the top eight I keep thinking about and wanting more of. I could have easily reeled off eight more, but these were the pies on the front burner of my brain when I commenced this little exercise. Are they in any kind of order? Yes—the chronological order in which I ate them. Peep the slideshow and salivate. More

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