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Serious Green: The Simpsons Go Shopping for Ultra-Vegan Invisible Cheese

Take a break and watch as the Simpsons go shopping for healthy food that "looks bad on the shelf but good in [their] colons" at "Wellness Foods" (a Whole Foods look-alike). Homer worries about men carrying purses (reusable shopping bags) and Marge picks up items like "non-soy dairy-based soy sauce, steel-cut spelt husks ... free-range gluten, and ultra-vegan invisible cheese." Some very important points are wrapped up in this hilariousness. More

In Videos: Food-Related Changes in New 'Simpsons' Intro

Marge buys Krusty-O's, Mr. Sparkle, and Tomacco Juice. After 19 years The Simpsons finally got a new opener—all to highlight the show's first-ever episode in HD, which aired Sunday, February 15. Even the most casual Simpsons viewer knows that food and drink has played a huge role in the show over the years, so it's not surprising to see a number of references to edibles in this intro. Watch video of the new opener, after the jump.... More

Duff and Flaming Moes: They're Real!

Photographs of fridge and cans from agentparanoia on Flickr Homer's favorite alcoholic drinks can also be yours! Kind of. In our non-animated world they only come in the form of energy drinks found at Universal Studio's Kwik-E-Mart (or online at xoxide.com and possibly at Spencer's Gifts and Hot Topic). Of course, you'd buy it for the looks, not for the prospect of a refreshing beverage; agentparanoia tried the Duff energy drink and said, "It tasted awful but looks cool on my desk." Related Photo of the Day: Kwik-E-Mart in the Flesh Top 10 'Simpsons' Candy Moments In Videos: 'The Simpsons': Smiley Faced Breakfast Special... More

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