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In Memory of The Silver Palate's Sheila Lukins

"She introduced me and millions of others to capers and balsamic vinegar and crème fraîche." Julia Moskin has a pretty good obituary about The Sliver Palate's Sheila Lukins in today's New York Times. What is your favorite Silver Palate recipe? Mine is her puréed broccoli with creme fraiche, which my wife just loves. I can't say I knew Shelia well. I would see her at parties and restaurants and exchange small talk. But when we first met, I told her my wife and I still used the Silver Palate cookbooks on many occasions, especially when having company over for big meals like Thanksgiving. She seemed to appreciate that, though I'm sure she had heard it a million times from people.... More

Cook the Book: 'The Silver Palate Cookbook, 25th Anniversary Edition'

Like a lot of people my age, the Silver Palate Cookbook became my go-to cookbook when I first started cooking for friends and girlfriends. In fact, the first brunch I ever cooked for my wife featured two recipes from the Silver Palate. Julee Rosso's and Sheila Lukins's recipes are simultaneously sophisticated and down to earth, and—here's the best part—they always work. We're going to pick our five favorite recipes from the new 25th Anniversary Edition and post them all this week. And, just as in previous weeks, we're going to give away copies of the book to a few lucky Serious Eats readers. This time, ten (10) copies. Just comment on this post and tell us what the first cookbook... More

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