'The Omnivore's 100' on Serious Eats

Hostess Fruit Pie, One Less Thing For Me to Eat Before I Die

When Raphael discovered that I had never eaten a Hostess Fruit Pie, one of the foods listed on the Omnivore's 100, he responded with stunned disbelief. When some of our other Serious Eats coworkers revealed that they too lived lives devoid of Hostess Fruit Pies, our collective anti-pie stance nearly pushed him to the edge of having a heart attack. He immediately ran to the nearest grocery store in order to end our Hostess Fruit Pie deprivation. And then we unleashed the partially hydrogenated horror within the paper wrapper.... More

The Omnivore's 100

This is really great. The blog Very Good Taste has come up with a list of 100 items that every omnivore should try in his or her life. And has turned it into a meme. Basically, you copy the list from Very Good Taste's The Omnivore's 100 and post it to your blog, bolding the items you've tried and striking through any you would never try. Oh, just go visit VGT for the nitty gritty. Below is my list, as well as those from the gang at the Serious Eats office.... More

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