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What Next Iron Chef Nate Appleman Has Been Doing at Chipotle

Some of you became familiar with chef Nate Appleman during his intense stint on The Next Iron Chef. Appleman was known for his nose-to-tail style of cooking, not to mention being ultra competitive. Quite a bit has changed since then. He's now eating on vegetarian burrito from Chipotle every day (he's serious) and working the line at the chain's Manhattan test kitchen. "Chipotle is the first restaurant I've worked in since I started at 14 that doesn't have a freezer." More

Meet & Eat: Amanda Freitag, Chef

Chef Amanda Freitag has been part of New York City's culinary fabric since 1993, working in kitchens with Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Tom Colicchio, among others. Since 2007 she has been running the show at The Harrison, which received a two-star... More

'Next Iron Chef': Resources

The chefs enter and spy items such as nasturtium leaves, blueberries, blackberries, snails, and flowers. They're "wild" in the truest sense. And to hammer the wildness home, the chefs will be cooking without a kitchen. No water, no gas, no electricity. This episode is about resourcefulness, and to test it, the contestants will cook outdoors on Weber kettle grills in the C.I.A.'s herb garden. Oh, more torture: They don't get to use the herbs growing around them—only the "pantry" of ingredients on a common table. Oh, and it's also a double elimination. Two chefs will get cut. See, the chairman feels the winning chefs have been squandering their advantage and being too nice to each other. So here, the winner... More

'The Next Iron Chef': Crazy Desserts

The Next Iron Chef: You know the premise. They're looking to add a new face to the madness at Kitchen Stadium. Eight chefs competing. Three judges judging. Alton Brown as ringmaster and the Chairman shouting and carrying on at the top of the show. The premiere opens with a montage of the upcoming action and then the requisite rundown of competitor bios. [Warning: Spoilers after the jump.]... More

Alton Brown on 'The Next Iron Chef'

What are your favorite moments on Iron Chef America? What I love the most is when I see one of the teams start making something, and as it unfolds I guess right about what it is they're going to do. At that point, I think to myself that I'm not a dumbass. More

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