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Should Recipes Shrink to 140 Characters on Twitter?

"What about your bubbe's borscht recipe? Didn't she probably squeeze it onto an index card in roughly 140 characters?" Twitter user @cookbook condenses recipes to 140 characters or fewer. Recipe from a 1950s Gourmet cookbook, for sale on etsy.com, is definitely more than 140 characters. Can a recipe be only 140 characters long? Sure, you could cram in short-hand terms for liter (l) and olive oil (olvoil), but is it truly a recipe? Many people, including the entire cookbook industry, would argue no. Using Twitter as a platform to share shrunken recipes—which @cookbook has proven can attract over 15,000 followers—strips the recipe of its headnote, its hand-holding instructions, and its soul, some would argue. It's like showing the credits to... More

The Organic Milk Business Has Gone Bad: Are You Buying Less Organic Milk?

©iStockphoto.com/cmisje According to the New York Times, the organic milk business has gone bad in a hurry. Are you drinking less organic milk these days, serious eaters? Before we get to the reasons why these farmers are struggling, at least according to Times contributor Katie Zezima, I feel compelled to say that it's this kind of story that demonstrates why we need newspapers to endure. Because without quality institutions like the Times, with its wealth of reporters, editors, and stringers, stories like this might go unreported. Or, at the very least, they wouldn't be made available to the general public. Has anyone read about the plight of these farmers in any other consumer publication, online or in print? Now... More

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