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X-Tra Long Burgers Available at Burger King in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands

For all those times you ate at Burger King and wished that your burger contained three patties laid out horizontally on a long bun, Burger King has the thing for you: the X-Tra Long. They started offering it in Germany before expanding it to Austria and the Netherlands. The Chili Cheese version topped with chile-cheese sauce and jalapeños is available in all three countries, while the Netherlands also gets the Rodeo BBQ version topped with barbecue sauce, cheese, and onion rings. More

Cool Tool: The Flessenlikker

Photograph from Wikipedia Flessenlikker = "jar licker" in Dutch. Also known as a flessenschraper ("bottle scraper"). The long handle and flexible rubber spatula at the end do just what you think they would: help you get every last scrap from the bottle—especially long, narrow vessels. The joke here is that it's a Norwegian invention that has failed in every country but the Netherlands. The Dutch are smart, though: They probably get at least one more PBJ sandwich out of their respective jars than flessenlikker rejectors.... More


The first food item I smelled in Amsterdam was pizza, but the first honest-to-goodness Dutch treat I ate was a Febo burger. I was told in earlier comments to skip the burger and try the "specialitje, little deep-fried meatloafs,... More

Pizza Hut Express, Central Station, Amsterdam

Pizza Hut Express, Central Station, Amsterdam From Flickr member Slice. Just arrived at the hotel after a long flight. Didn't sleep, haven't slept since waking up at 10 a.m. EST. I'm going to attack this jet lag thing by staying up until proper bedtime. Watched Densha Otoko, Crash, and Red Eye on the flight over. Didn't want to sleep because I snore really bad and didn't want to be the guy sawing logs in economy class. Let someone else take up the gauntlet on that one. Customs was a snap, as was taking the train from Schiphol Airport to... More

Slice Going to Amsterdam

Late next month, I'll be going to Amsterdam. Full disclosure: The trip is part of a junket for bloggers put together by Holland.com, the web presence of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions. Holland.com is paying for the flight as well as five nights in a hotel near the city center, and an Amsterdam public-transport pass. In exchange, I've agreed to sit for an interview with the board of tourism that may appear online or in print, place the "Bloggers in Amsterdam" logo in my navigation bar for one year, and provide Holland.com with one month of premium advertising... More

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