'The Modern Baker' on Serious Eats

Cook the Book: Three-Way Gingersnaps

Something about gingersnaps—perhaps their subtle, warm spiciness; perhaps their crumbly crunch—reminds me of crisp autumn leaves. Right around this time of year, I start to crave a plate of cookies straight from the oven, paired with a steaming mug of... More

Cook the Book: Rosemary Olive Knots

Nick Malgieri, author of this week's Cook the Book selection, The Modern Baker, recommends serving these Rosemary Olive Knots split and filled with aged Gruyère, prosciutto, soft goat cheese and roasted peppers, or sliced tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil and... More

Cook the Book: 'The Modern Baker'

In his ninth cookbook, bestselling author and veteran pastry chef Nick Malgieri presents a collection of 150 classic and contemporary recipes with the bulk of preparation taking less than one hour. By condensing years of teaching experience into easy step-by-step instructions, Malgieri ensures that home bakers, from novice to seasoned, will never have to face a leaden loaf of bread or a soggy pie crust again. After all, in these busy times, who can afford to start over? The Modern Baker, this week's Cook the Book selection, ensures first-attempt success, whether you are whipping up a simple batch of Honey Peanut Wafers or tackling an elegant Pain de Seigle. The cookbook begins with a comprehensive overview of ingredients, equipment, and... More

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