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Behind the Scenes with a Food Trucker: Your Questions Answered

In addition to the few questions raised from some of my previous posts for Serious Eats, my inbox has been flooded with inquiries about the food-truck business. I've been asked everything from "Where do you go to the bathroom?" to "How does one start their own food truck?" Seeing as this is my final food-trucker post on Serious Eats, I figured I'd answer some of the most frequently asked questions of me and The Manila Machine. More

Behind the Scenes with a Food Trucker: Mobile Kitchen Cookery

I have to admit, though. Before launching The Manila Machine, I had some misconceptions about cooking in a mobile kitchen. I imagined having multiple burners on to reduce my adobo sauces. I assumed that I'd be able to deep-fry anything to my heart's content. I even pictured myself browning and finishing chicken thighs underneath a salamander. And then... More

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