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The Observer's Top 50 Cookbooks of All Time

Observer's food magazine, Observer Food Monthly, brought together a panel of cooks and food writers to select the 50 best cookbooks of all time. Of all time! As in, there's one from 1570 (#49 Opera dell'arte del Cucinare by Bartolomeo Scappi—you know, just in case you have some Renaissance popes over for lunch). The list ranged from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking to the Momofuku Cookbook to many British cookbooks, including those by Jamie Oliver, Fergus Henderson, and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Do you agree with the list? Have you cooked from many of the books? More

The Guardian's Tim Hayward Visits Franco Manca Pizza in Chiswick, London

"It's not burned, it's just slightly carbonized." —Tim Hayward Tim Hayward, of Britain's Guardian newspaper, visits Neapolitan pizzeria Franco Manca in Chiswick, West London, in this video on the Guardian's website. You'll have to click through—the video wasn't embeddable, but it's worth watching.* According to Hayward, Franco Manca's Chiswick location has been getting buzz since opening. It opened in early December 2009; there's also a location in Brixton.... More

'Word of Mouth' Taste-Tests Reverse-Engineered KFC Recipe

"A single bite of the homemade KFC is enough. It's like biting into a dew-fresh ripe peach after eating a canned one. It's obviously the same thing but an order of magnitude better." Earlier in the week, the news splashed that a Long Island, New York, man claimed he had reverse-engineered the KFC's 11 herbs and spices. The secret recipe that Ron Douglas unlocked depends heavily on Accent, a commercial MSG-based flavoring. Everyone blogged about the discovery, but did anyone try it? At least one blog we read did. In England, Tim Hayward (above) of the Guardian's Word of Mouth went for it. But he went one better, asking Word of Mouth readers to help him come up with a... More

What Are World-Famous Chefs Doing with Your Leftovers?

The Guardian: "Ever wondered what happens to your leftover bread or wine after you leave a restaurant? In an interview in this month's Restaurant Magazine, Anthony Demetre, chef and patron of Michelin-starred London restaurant Arbutus, says that uneaten bread goes to make crumbs and undrunk wine is used as a base for vinegar and sauces."... More

What Do Chefs Eat?

The Guardian asks British chefs what they cook for themselves when out of the restaurant kitchen. Simplicity is preferred: hummus and pita bread, fresh fruit, fried eggs on toast, or foregoing the meal to fall flat asleep from an exhausting day at work.... More

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