'The Great Wings Book' on Serious Eats

Cook the Book: 'The Great Wings Book'

Mmmmm, wings. Crispy wings, sticky wings, barbecue wings—you'll find them all in Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison's epic wing compendium, The Great Wings Book, with recipes that run the gamut from traditional to Asian-inspired to just plain zany (I'm talking to you, PB&J wings.) Zaniness aside, you'll also find a solid introductory chapter with clear, illustrated instructions for prepping, stuffing and lollipopping those tasty wings--whether you plan to braise them in spicy coconut milk or baste them with hoisin sauce on your tailgate grill. Just in time for the Super Bowl, we're bringing you a whole week of wings. Come back for classics like Buffalo wings and best-ever American wings, and expand your repertoire with pomegranate-glazed BBQ wings and Chinese-style... More

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