'The Great Candy Corn Debate' on Serious Eats

Candy Corn: Anti Stance

A lie told often enough can become the truth—and candy corn is a lie. Sure, after so many fall seasons, we see candy corn and associate it with truth, with tradition, with goodness. But fall wants nothing to do with the tri-colored saccharine triangles. If you drank a bottle of Karo syrup and ate a candle, that's what candy corn would taste like. Fall doesn't want to taste like that. Fall wants to taste like pumpkin seeds, roasted butternut squash, and sure, a Snickers bar, or any of the acceptable candies on Halloween. Candy corn = not an acceptable candy. Candy corn = nausea.... More

Candy Corn: Pro Stance

I understand that candy corn is a topic about as sensitive as the cavities it produces, but it's a debate in which, as a candy corner, I have to take a stand. And I am for it. Candy corn is the symbol of fall—of the cooler air, of the changing leaves, of Halloween, of Thanksgiving (and of my birthday). It is, admittedly, a bit "corny," but it's also a classic. Although it tastes saccharine, its traditional flavor is honey, and while Technicolor in appearance, it is also reminiscent of the American ears of grain that mark the season and color our history. I can get Snickers, Three Musketeers, or Twix any time of year, and frankly—different as they are—they are... More

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