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Seventeen Days in Italy

The Girl Who Ate Everything has finished meticulously documenting her trip through Italy. Poking through the archives, the quantity of gelato consumed is astounding.... More

Rockin' Robyn

If you're missing Robyn's posts around here and you're wondering where she went, well, she's on vacation in Phoenix, where she's been since Sunday afternoon. We're all having a blast reading her loooooong and detailed posts on The Girl Who Ate Everything. (Here and here, so far.) And lest you think that that blog title is hyperbole, you should get a loada her Flickr photostream, which has been a river of food photos since her touchdown in Arizona. So far, it looks like she's visited a fancy-pants grocery store, eaten pizza, had an In-N-Out burger, helped cook homemade spring rolls (pictured), and eaten gelato. I'm sure there's more to come, and we're all looking forward to Day 2 ... Robyn—are... More

Help Robyn Graduate: Take Her Survey!

Serious Eats intern Robyn Lee, a.k.a. The Girl Who Ate Everything, is a graduating senior at New York University, and, because we like her so much, we'd really appreciate it if you took her short survey on online food communities for a class she's taking this semester. The survey's just eight multiple choice questions, no registration required, and won't take up more than a few minutes of your time. Thanks so much!... More

Our Robyn Is Back In Town!

Serious Eats intern Robyn, a.k.a. The Girl Who Ate Everything, is finally back from Paris and brought delicious macarons into the office today—that I cannot eat because I'm working from home today. Alas. The opportunity for me to go in and get one has passed, but it's not too late for you to read about her recent adventures in France: 1) First Bites in Paris: "When one of my friends told me to eat a green macaron for her in Paris, she was probably referring to those of the pistachio flavored kind. Instead, the first green macaron I ate during my vacation was flavored with the fatty squeezings of olives and a hint of vanilla, borne from the incomparably... More

Falafel + Marshmallows = Lunch

By Robyn Lee | I don't know how L'as du Falafel can be considered the best falafel in Paris when Mi-Va-Mi sits right across the street. It may not be Lenny Kravitz approved (although how that become the gold standard for a great falafel I have no idea), but it's at least Robyn and Meg approved, which must count for something. Mi-Va-Mi's falafel pita sandwich stuffs light, crispy deep fried balls of seasoned ground chickpea in a soft, fluffy, chewy pita along with melty eggplant chunks that are reminiscent of butter and what seems to be an entire head of chopped pickled red cabbage. It would be better with more falafel and eggplant magic and less crunchy cabbage action,... More

Robyn's Favorite Macaron Of All

Serious Eats intern extraordinaire Robyn, whom you probably know better as the Girl Who Ate Everything, spent last semester in Paris and is going back later this week on her spring break. It might not be comprehensive but her short guide to the City of Lights is certainly très charmant, and there is probably no one I trust more to tell me where the best macaron in all the arrondisements is. If you've got tasty foods and good restaurants to suggest for her upcoming trip (or an idea of the perfect souvenir for her to bring back for me!), please by all means leave a comment.... More

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