'The Fold Hold' on Serious Eats

How to Eat a Slice, aka 'The Fold Hold'

If your tip sags like a face without botox or your crust skews soggy or you've just gotta gulp down your meal as fast as possible, don't worry. We New Yorkers have our own special way of holding a slice. It's a technique that a former colleague of mine dubbed The Fold Hold. At its most basic, it's as simple as folding your slice in half lengthwise. You can see the results of this technique above. Not only does this method double the amount of pizza you can eat with one bite, it helps avoid the mess associated with... More

Slice Poll: Do You Fold Your Slice?

Do You Fold Your Slice?(answers) This one might only be relevant to New Yorkers, since the "fold hold" or "pizza a libretto" seems to be a New York thing. Do you fold or not? So as not to influence this discussion, I'm not revealing my answer until after the poll closes on Friday. Related: To Fold or Not to Fold... More

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