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Our Favorite Fried Chicken in America

When we crave fried chicken we want crisp, crunchy skin hugging tender, juicy meat. We've eaten plenty of fried chicken across the country, but these stand out as the 12 places to pull the car over for. These are the bites we're still thinking about—this is the fried chicken of the gods. More

San Francisco: The Best Tacos in the Mission District?

Attempting to eat every taco in the Mission in a single day would be like trying to take a shot every time Luke Skywalker whines in Star Wars—not a wise move for those who want to live to the end of the day. So I decided off the bat that I'd limit myself to the taquerias within walking distance of the 24th Street and Mission Ave. BART station, one of the more popular strips in the district. I whittled the list down to 11 taquerias. More

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