'The Bacon Explosion' on Serious Eats

Bacon Explosion Contest: We Have Some Winnahs!

The BBQ Addicts have perused the entries in the Bacon Explosion Giveaway and have chosen the three winners. They are: my4glamgirlz: "Mom, can you like get a bacon plant and grow it so I can eat it with everything?" BBQ Addicts say: A 6-year-old Bacon Fan! gratefulted: "There never was a good war or a bad piece of bacon." 13tracker BBQ Addicts say: Cause his wife needs to try it ;) Congrats to the winners; enjoy your Explosions. And thanks to everyone who entered.... More

Super Bowl Giveaway: The Bacon Explosion

Write a quote about bacon and enter to win The Bacon Explosion (a mat of of woven bacon layered with sausage and more bacon that's sauced up then rolled and smoked) for your Super Bowl party. The far-from-vegetarian giveaway ends today at 3 p.m. More

Bacon Explosion: The Barbecue Sausage Recipe Be-All and End-All

The Bacon Explosion. Photographs from BBQ Addicts The cross section above is from something the BBQ Addicts blog calls The Bacon Explosion. This thing is like the Borg, assimilating bacon memes, rolling up all known bacon tech, and conquering the baconverse. It's a bacon mat layered with sausage and more bacon that is then sauced and rolled and smoked. [via @arscoquinaria]... More

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