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Buenos Aires Is a So-So Food City

According to Terrence Henry of The Atlantic Food Channel, Buenos Aires leaves much to be desired in terms of food and flavor. He notes that most restaurants use wood-fired grills, which he thinks blanket all foods with similar flavors. He also comments on the lack of variety in the street food available, saying that it is limited to empanadas. Henry writes: A great food city is a place that caters to all manner of the food-obsessed: vibrant street food, affordable ethnic and traditional dining, and highly acclaimed (and more important, highly respected by their peers) destination restaurants. It should have a connection to its seasons and soil (or sea, as the case may be). It should be a place... More

How to Store Coffee, from Coffee Expert Jerry Baldwin

To freeze, or not to freeze? Use an airtight container, or leave in the roaster’s bag? When it comes to storing coffee, there’s all sort of conflicting advice out there. But this article from The Atlantic's food channel is a great resource. Jerry Baldwin, former owner of Peet’s Coffee and co-founder of Starbucks (some twenty years ago), weighs in on the best way to store your beans at home. The takeaway points: bring espresso to room temperature before brewing; refrigerate beans that you’ll grind within a few weeks; freeze beans that you won’t drink for longer; and don’t bother with airtight containers. For the rest of Baldwin’s advice—and the coffee-geek explanation behind each tip—read the full article here.... More

Grant Achatz on Blogging

MenuPages Chicago talks to Alinea chef Grant Achatz about his involvement with the just-launched Atlantic Food Channel: The blogging has been very self-educational for me. It is rare that chefs take the time to step away from their kitchens (or TV studios) to reflect on the why and what it is that they do. I will produce between 2 and 3 posts per week, in the beginning I will focus on my recent travels to Madrid and Japan and how these trips both informed me of changing times in modern gastronomy.... I think it will be a cool look into what I think is a very transitional time in gastronomy, and how Alinea is reacting to it. Related: 'The Atlantic'... More

'The Atlantic' Food Site Launches Today

The always thoughtful Corby Kummer enters the realm of food blogs with today's launch of The Atlantic's Food Channel (the always high-minded Atlantic calls all of their blogs channels for some reason). Note to Corby and all the other folks at the Atlantic: blog is not a four-letter word. Welcome, Corby, and thanks for the shout-out on your welcome post. The list of contributors, which includes Zingerman's Ari Weinsweig, Alinea chef Grant Achatz, and nutrition and food politics guru Marion Nestle, is impressive, and we look forward to conversing with each one of them in due time.... More

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