'Thanksgiving tips' on Serious Eats

Value Vino for Turkey (and Sides) Day

Editor's note: This marks the debut column on Serious Eats from Beard Award–winning wine blogger Tyler Colman (aka Dr. Vino). The good doctor will appear every other Friday with his always entertaining and enlightening take on wine. Today, his picks for Thanksgiving. —Adam Cleaning the Augean stables in a day. Capturing a Cretan bull. Slaying a hydra. I'm thinking of a few Herculean tasks easier than making wine suggestions for Thanksgiving. Consider the challenges: 1. Side dishes: Turkey is innocuous enough to pair with wine. It's the side dishes that throw a wrench in the gravy. Sweet potatoes and marshmallows? Sounds like an impossible food-wine pairing to me! 2. People, lots of them: The celebration almost always sees a large... More

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