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How Organic Are You Going This Thanksgiving?

Ed Levine 16 comments

Smart Money did a side-by-side cost comparison of a Thanksgiving meal for eight using all organic ingredients and a feast using conventionally sourced stuff. The verdict: The all-organic meal cost $295.36, almost $170 more than the regular meal ($126.75). What drove the cost of the organic meal through the roof? Not surprisingly, it was the $99.80 20-pound organic turkey, which cost a whopping $76 more. Serious eaters: How organic are you going this Thanksgiving? Put another way, is your Turkey Day going to be more Alice Waters or Sandra Lee? [via New York Times] Related: The Cost of a 10-Person Thanksgiving Is $44.61... More

In Season: Cranberries

In Season Alaina Browne 1 comment

Celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our favorite cranberry recipes. More

Mixed Review: Thanksgiving Cornbread

Lucy Baker 29 comments

While you'll never catch me scooping cranberry sauce from a can, or dipping my drumstick into bottled gravy, I will confess to baking last-minute cornbread from a box. Incredibly cheap, impossibly easy, and ready in minutes, cornbread mixes are a decent option when you're short on time yet still want to serve fresh-from-the-oven bread with your holiday meal. More

Turkey Tip: Braise that Bird

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Why braising will keep your bird its' juiciest. More

In Season: Sweet Potatoes, For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Dessert

Allison Hemler 3 comments

Sweet potatoes are the common red-brownish skinned root vegetables with sweet orange flesh and semi-smooth skin; there is also a variety with yellow flesh, with a taste resembling a mix of potato and apple. More

In Season: Pumpkin

In Season Alaina Browne 3 comments

Canned pumpkin is easy to use and available year round, but fresh pumpkin is worth the extra prep for real pumpkin flavor. More

In Season: Apples, Ringing in Fall's Arrival

In Season Allison Hemler 8 comments

Among others, Ginger Gold, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp, are showing up in their familiar crates, begging to be turned into applesauce, apple pie, and cooked with pork chops. Here, some suggestions on what to do with fresh-picked apples. More

Perfect Gravy

Alaina Browne Post a comment

Martha Stewart's six troubleshooting tips for perfect gravy. More

Store-Bought Stuffing Mix Showdown

Serious Eats Jenn Smith 27 comments

The results of the Serious Eats taste test of eight packaged stuffing mixes, along with some suggestions on jazzing up your store-bought stuffing. More

How Do Freezer-to-Oven Turkeys Stack Up?

Adam Kuban Post a comment

YumSugar finds out after freezer-to-oven turkey manufacturer Jennie-O sends the blog one to try out: "Fast forward several hours and I was cutting into a succulent and juicy turkey. The skin was a little on the salty side, but the flavor was classic and not overpowering. It was also tender and juicy on the inside."... More

Ed Levine's Semi-Serious, Semi-Homemade Thanksgiving

Ed Levine 23 comments

Alice Waters, I'm afraid that when it comes to Thanksgiving, you're going to have to give me a pass. Because when it comes to Thanksgiving I'm much more Sandra Lee than Alice Waters. Yes, that's right, I'm the Thanksgiving Semi-Homemade King. More

Tip: How to Read Turkey Labels

Alaina Browne 6 comments

Ed wrote earlier this morning: "There seems to be more and more choices every year, and I don't know about you, but I think there's a conspiracy afoot to befuddle and confuse us with these choices.Just consider what we are confronted with: fresh, frozen, frozen basted, free-range, free-roaming, all-natural, heritage fresh, heritage frozen, organic, wild, kosher fresh, kosher frozen. It's mind-boggling." To help you navigate your way through the turkeys, we've put together a brief guide to reading turkey labels.... More

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