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How Organic Are You Going This Thanksgiving?

Smart Money did a side-by-side cost comparison of a Thanksgiving meal for eight using all organic ingredients and a feast using conventionally sourced stuff. The verdict: The all-organic meal cost $295.36, almost $170 more than the regular meal ($126.75). What drove the cost of the organic meal through the roof? Not surprisingly, it was the $99.80 20-pound organic turkey, which cost a whopping $76 more. Serious eaters: How organic are you going this Thanksgiving? Put another way, is your Turkey Day going to be more Alice Waters or Sandra Lee? [via New York Times] Related: The Cost of a 10-Person Thanksgiving Is $44.61... More

Mixed Review: Thanksgiving Cornbread

While you'll never catch me scooping cranberry sauce from a can, or dipping my drumstick into bottled gravy, I will confess to baking last-minute cornbread from a box. Incredibly cheap, impossibly easy, and ready in minutes, cornbread mixes are a decent option when you're short on time yet still want to serve fresh-from-the-oven bread with your holiday meal. More

How Do Freezer-to-Oven Turkeys Stack Up?

YumSugar finds out after freezer-to-oven turkey manufacturer Jennie-O sends the blog one to try out: "Fast forward several hours and I was cutting into a succulent and juicy turkey. The skin was a little on the salty side, but the flavor was classic and not overpowering. It was also tender and juicy on the inside."... More

Tip: How to Read Turkey Labels

Ed wrote earlier this morning: "There seems to be more and more choices every year, and I don't know about you, but I think there's a conspiracy afoot to befuddle and confuse us with these choices.Just consider what we are confronted with: fresh, frozen, frozen basted, free-range, free-roaming, all-natural, heritage fresh, heritage frozen, organic, wild, kosher fresh, kosher frozen. It's mind-boggling." To help you navigate your way through the turkeys, we've put together a brief guide to reading turkey labels.... More

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