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Cookie Monster: Pumpkin Custard With Cookie Crumble

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

Invert your pumpkin pie this year by topping a spiced, orange-scented pumpkin custard with a sweet ginger cookie crumble. More

Holiday Baking: Salty Nut Pie

Sweets María del Mar Sacasa 7 comments

This alternative to classic pecan pie has a salty caramel filling and a mixed cocktail nuts topping, making each bite well-balanced between salty and sweet and multi-textured. More

Mini Pecan Pies

Serious Eats Lenore Estrada 1 comment

Sweet and nutty pecan pies in a tiny package. More

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Cake

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

A standard sour cream coffeecake, dense and rich, is crusted with a cookie-like covering of almonds, and scented with orange zest. In the middle, dollops of rescued cranberry sauce. More

Browned Butter Squash Pie

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 2 comments

When it's turkey time, pumpkin pie takes center stage, but a humble squash can still steal the show especially when it's dressed up with browned butter and plenty of spices. More

Gouda and Tart Apple Pie

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 2 comments

When it comes to cheese infused apple pies, cheddar isn't the only game in town. This Pushing Daisies inspired pie pair the tartness of Granny Smith apples with nutty Gouda cheese. More

Cranberry Sauce Cinnamon Rolls

Serious Eats cakespy 7 comments

These Cranberry Sauce Cinnamon Rolls feature cranberry in the filling and the glaze, and are a delicious seasonal indulgence. More

Thanksgiving Pie Countdown: Caramel Apple Pie

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Amp up apple pie with one extra step: coating the apples with homemade caramel before baking. More

Cakespy: Cranberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Sweets cakespy 1 comment

This pudding, inspired by the highly delicious White Chocolate Bread Pudding at the Palace Cafe, has the soul of a New Orleans bread pudding. But it's gussied up for the season with cranberries, which add a wonderful tart contrast to the white chocolate in the butter and cream-rich custard. More

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