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Thanksgiving Sides: 12 Soup Recipes

Soups aren't necessarily a Thanksgiving standard, but maybe they should be. After all, they can be made ahead of time and store well, and they give dinner a structured quality, which Thanksgiving could use, at least in my house where the feast always has a crazed, mad-dash-for-the-turkey kind of energy. We've gathered up some of our favorites: squash and apple soup, celeriac soup with gruyere, pistachio and parsnip soup, and more. More

Thanksgiving Sides: 4 Green Bean Recipes

Green beans are an important staple of the Thanksgiving meal. Among all the beige-colored foods—turkey, potatoes, biscuits, and gravy—they're a necessary shot of color (same goes for cranberry sauce). If you feel like branching out from your usual casserole this year, check out these great green bean dishes. More

Thanksgiving Sides: 6 Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Now that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away, we're already planning the feast! All month we'll be bringing you some of our favorite recipes for Turkey Day sides, starting with these tasty brussels sprouts. Whether you opt to make yours rich and cheesy or simply seared with bacon, this once unfashionable veggie has been reclaimed, and it's a wonderful addition to the Thanksgiving spread. More

Thanksgiving Cocktail Inspiration

Whether you do an official cocktail hour or just want something festive to share with your fellow cooks in the kitchen, here are a few autumnal cocktails to help you celebrate Thanksgiving. A touch of ginger, a hint of apple, smoky liquor, tart cranberries...these drinks are a tasty start to Thanksgiving (and worth keeping on file for post-Thanksgiving parties.) More

The Food Lab: The Ultimate Homemade Green Bean Casserole

The classic Campbell's Green Bean casserole is a staple on many Thanksgiving tables. But there are easy ways you can upgrade the out-of the can version. If you're intimidated by the length and number of steps, bear in mind that you don't need to use the entire recipe. Try canned fried onions instead of frying your own. Or, to make it even easier, stick with two cans of cream of mushroom soup instead of making your own creamy mushroom sauce. More

The Food Lab: Why You Should Make Your Own Gravy

Well the short and simple answer to the titular question can be found right here. Store-bought gravies just don't taste right. Sure, some of them have that nostalgic cafeteria appeal, but unless you're seriously trying to relive middle school, you're much better off making your own. With a few store-bought staples, it's surprisingly easy, and worlds better than anything you'd get out of a jar. More

Thanksgiving Recipe Inspiration: Soup

Your Thanksgiving table has room for more liquids beyond gravy—serve soup! Squash, carrot, celery, fennel, mushrooms, potato, and more combine for creamy fall-themed soups. Many of these can be prepared ahead of time and reheated when T-day comes. Do you serve soup at your Thanksgiving dinner? If not, maybe you'll feel inspired after checking out these recipes. More

Healthy & Delicious: Herb-Scalloped Potatoes

The good news is that the dish is comparatively light for Turkey Day, and the spuds themselves cook beautifully. Essentially braised in vegetable broth and milk, they hold their shapes well and come out in creamy, tender little disk. The texture is a nice alternative to standard mashed potatoes, especially if you're serving multiple mushy sides. More

Beyond Pie: More Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Are you a rebel? Are you a dessert maverick? Do you dare serve something other than pie at Thanksgiving? If so, these recipes are for you, and they don't look half bad. There are plenty of ways to include autumn's signature flavors into desserts that go beyond the usual offerings. More

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