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Paper Turkey for your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Save room on your Thanksgiving table for a paper turkey, because no matter how your real turkey turns out, it'll be more moist and delicious than its paper understudy. Tip: This would be a great activity to give the kids to keep them out of your way while you're in the kitchen. Print out one for each of your lil' pilgrims. It's tedious enough to keep them occupied for a while.... More

Martha, Keith Olbermann, and WKRP in Cincinnati's Infamous Turkey Drop

MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann was on The Martha Stewart Show today, and the two got around to talking about Sarah Palin's turkey pardon/slaughter. (Leave it to Olbermann to bring up Palin.) Jezebel's got video of the exchange (Martha: "We know they get slaughtered for Thanksgiving, but that was an especially gruesome scene back there"). We've already talked about the Palin turkey video. No, what we're interested in today is Olbermann's WKRP in Cincinnati reference. If you remember the show, you may remember the episode Olbermann refers to, in which the hapless fictional station does a live turkey giveaway for an on-air Thanksgiving promo. They decide to drop the live birds from a plane for lucky listeners to capture.... More

Thanksgiving Photos from 'Life': Turkey Bride

Photograph from the Life magazine photo archives on Google In this photo, a woman is modeling her turkey feather wedding dress. No, seriously. The caption reads, "Turkey feather wedding bride Barbara O. Ehrhart, posing with prize turkey carcass." It was taken in 1947, in Turlock, California, by Charles E. Steinheimer. I don't know anyone, fashionista or not, who would wear turkey feathers for her wedding. Based on other photos in this series, it appears Ms. Ehrhart used turkey feathers in all her bridal party's dresses. But the real question here is did they cook the turkey she is posing with for their wedding feast?... More

Thanksgiving Myths, Busted

"Myth: The pilgrims wore large hats with buckles on them. The truth: None of the participants were dressed anything like the way they’ve been portrayed in art. The Pilgrims didn’t dress in black, didn’t wear buckles on their hats or shoes, and didn’t wear tall hats. The 19th-century artists who painted them that way did so because they associated black clothing and buckles with being old-fashioned." [Neatorama]... More

Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie Makes My Stomach Rumble with Glee

Photograph by Alicia Mazzara of DCist What's better than pumpkin pie? Deep fried pumpkin pie! Alicia Mazzara of DCist shows you how to make deep fried pumpkin pies with her recipe and photo gallery. "These delicate, flaky hand pies are like biting into a cinnamon sugar doughnut with a pumpkin center," she says. How could anyone resist? How? Related Baking With Dorie: Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie Dreena's Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pumpkin Pudding Pie... More

In Videos: Stop Motion Turkeys Eat Pumpkin Pie

When humans leave the room, and the turkey decorations are left alone in the kitchen, they can't help themselves. They must attack the pumpkin pie. While squawking with joy, their little paper bodies try to digest. Holiday centerpieces seem so harmless and inanimate, but key word: seem. The poor cat—the more likely pie attacker—will probably get all the blame. The video, after the jump.... More

Thanksgiving Foods We Love to Hate

Thanksgiving is a fascinating holiday. We run around combining canned things with boxed things with jarred things. While the meal is arguably the tastiest of the year, some familiar ingredients are strange. A good strange. A strange we love to hate. More

Hey! Lego My Turkey

Or is that turkey my Lego? Beats me. But if you're a Lego head and you've always wanted a turkey figure for your Thanksgiving-themed tableau, this Medieval Market Village set might do you right. You'll have to wait till next year's turkey day, though; this set comes out in 2009 but was recently unveiled at BrickCon 2008. [via Boing Boing]... More

Calvin Trillin's Thanksgiving Laugh: One Man's Grace

I just decided to read, as we sit down today, this hilarious rendition of the story of Thanksgiving as a sort of grace. Who wrote it? One of our greatest living writers, Calvin Trillin. The entire story can be found in Trillin's The Tummy Trilogy, which is practically required reading (or eating) for Serious Eaters everywhere. In England, a long time ago, there were people called Pilgrims who were very strict about making everyone observe the Sabbath and cooked food without any flavor and that sort of thing, and they decided to go to America, where they could enjoy Freedom to Nag. The other people in England said, "Glad to see the back of them." In America, the Pilgrims tried... More

Who's the Alpha Cook in Your Thanksgiving Kitchen?

Although I'm usually the alpha cook in our kitchen, the battle for kitchen hegemony in our house on Thanksgiving can get a little dicey. Are we the exception or the rule on Turkey Day? Does everyone have issues with kitchen control on Thanksgiving? Serious Eaters want to know. Let me set the scene for you. Usually my wonderful wife, Vicky, happily lets me take control of the cooking. She doesn't care about food as much as I do, and I have ceded control to her on virtually every other aspect of our home life. On Thanksgiving this year at our house we are going to be thirteen. Every one of those thirteen with the exception of our son and me... More

Thanksgiving Is for Cheeseballs

OK, so you read my post last week about crafting an American cheese plate for Thanksgiving, and you said to yourself, "I would love to eat that, but my family won't touch it unless it comes wrapped in individual plastic sheets." Well then maybe it's time to go plan B and make a bacon-covered artisanal cheeseball. This has got to be literally the cheesiest appetizer you could possibly serve to your guests, and yet how could anyone complain about something that combines cheese and bacon?... More

What Should Replace Roast Turkey as the National Thanksgiving Dish?

In 1981 Calvin Trillin wrote a hilarious piece for the New Yorker openly campaigning for spaghetti carbonara to replace roast turkey as our national Thanksgiving dish. In 1995 he wrote a follow-up to that story suggesting that a case for deep-fried turkey could be made. Neither campaign managed to gain much traction, but I must admit that as I dragged my 16-pound turkey D'Artagnan turkey -->home from my local supermarket last night (the bus never came, so I ended up walking half a mile with that damned bird), I started thinking about alternatives that would be easier on my back and balky hamstring. New Yorkers might make a case for brisket or pot roast with potato latkes, which is what... More

What is the Right Combination of Pies? My Annual Thanksgiving Pie Crisis

It happens every year. I get paralyzed by Thanksgiving pie indecision. I find it very difficult to figure out the right combination of pies to serve at our Thanksgiving meal. How do Serious Eaters everywhere solve this problem? Remember I don't bake, and neither does any member of my wife's family. But as you might have noticed, I have more than a passing interest in finding excellent pie, either in New York or via mail-order. There are 16 people coming over to our house, and nary a baker in the bunch. I don't hold their lack of baking prowess or interest against them. How could I, given that I don't bake pies myself. They're all caring, considerate, generously spirited... More

Jive Turkey Hat

If you are skilled with knitting needles, you might want to get to work this weekend on your own Jive Turkey Hat, the perfect accessory for your Thanksgiving celebration.... More

Does Anyone Really Love Pumpkin Pie?

How many of us actually sit down for our Thanksgiving feast and think, "Man, I can't wait to get through the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes, so I can dig into that piece of pumpkin pie that's sure to be coming"? How do I love pie? Let me count the ways. I love an apple pie, all cinnamony with firm apples in a a flaky crust. I love cherry pie made with Michigan cherries if it's not too sweet and too goopy. I love streusel-topped crumb pies because, well, they invariably taste really good unless the streusel-to-fruit ratio is out of whack. Key lime pie, like the really good, not very jiggly ones they make at Steve's in Red... More

What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

At Serious Eats we've gone Thanksgiving wild. Each of us here in the office—and our contributors scattered far and wide—brings to the Serious Eats table ideas about the foods, recipes, and tips that will help make every Serious Eater's Thanksgiving the best it can be. We then post about them for your reading and cooking pleasure. In so doing I realize that what we're doing at Serious Eats is what I've been doing at Thanksgiving ever since I was a kid, bringing people together by finding common ground. Finding common ground in any given group of people is really what Thanksgiving is all about, or at the very least it's what Thanksgiving has come to mean for me. What does... More

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