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Snapshots From Thailand: The Markets of Krabi

Jamie Feldmar 5 comments

Exploring the rich, spicy world of Southern Thai cuisine in an extended stopover in a tiny town with big markets. More

Thailand Travels: A Quick Guide to Northern Thai Street Food

Jamie Feldmar 6 comments

Northern Thai food—bitter, spicy, delightfully funky—is some of the most intriguing and satisfying in all of Thailand. Here's how to tell your naem from your nam phrik. More

Thailand Travels: A Noodle Dish from Chiang Khan You Need to Know About

Jamie Feldmar 3 comments

Meet dong daeng, essentially the Thai version of spaetzle, invented and perfected in a small town in northern Issan. More

Thailand Travels: Snapshots from the Markets of Isaan

Jamie Feldmar Post a comment

I've spent the past week traveling through Isaan, the northeast region of Thailand, the agricultural heartland of the country. Few tourists make it up this way—Isaan is a long way from Bangkok but is home to some of the most complex and intriguing foods in the country. Here's what we found in the markets of Nong Khai. More

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