'Texas to Mississippi Road Trip' on Serious Eats

Road Trip: Liuzza's New Orleans-Sicilian on the Block

After a long day of eating on the road, we pulled into New Orleans around dinnertime, looking forward to a relaxing sit-down meal and a chance to stretch our legs. We met up with local food writer Pableaux Johnson and headed over to a funky neighborhood joint called Liuzza's on the corner of Beinville and S. Telemachus in Mid-City. Serving New Orleans-style Italian cookery since the 1940s, Liuzza's has a chill-spot ambiance that invites you to kick back with a frosted schooner of Abita ale—just what we needed. More

Road Trip: Fresh Cracklins at Don's Specialty Meats in Louisiana

Don's Specialty Meats has been serving cracklins, po' boys, boudin and other meaty treats in South Louisiana since the early 1990s. About five years back, they opened a second location in Scott, right off of I-10. I'd never been, but my dad said their cracklins were always hot and some of the best he'd ever had. I tend to trust his judgment on these things. If you've never had cracklins before, imagine this: big, hearty chunks of bacon deep-fried and tossed in Cajun seasoning, served piping hot. Now stop drooling on your keyboard. More

Road Trip: Kolaches at Rao's Bakery in Beaumont, Texas

Our first stop on the Texas-to-Mississippi trail was Rao's Bakery (pronounced ray-ohs) in Beaumont, Texas. Rao's is famous for Mardi Gras king cake, but we were after their sausage-stuffed Texas kolaches. We ordered one Zummo brand Italian with jalapeño, one Zummo with cheese, and one plain Jimmy Dean and ate them on the road with our coffee. Kolaches are a Texas roadtripper's best friend. They're good hot or cold, sweet or savory, and they're mighty easy to eat with one hand. More

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