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In Our Community Corner: Meet Erica Jacobs (aka: 'Teachertalk')

Paul Yee 34 comments

Each week we talk to a member of the Serious Eats community. This week we chatted with longtime Serious Eats reader Teachertalk who lives in Fairfax, Virginia, and is an English professor at George Mason University. Say hello to Teachertalk! More

My Pie Monday: Soppressata Slivers, Pistachios, Beets and Goat Cheese...

Slice Maggie Hoffman 21 comments

Happy My Pie Monday, everyone! Looks like Slice'rs went toppings-happy this week, scattering bright purple onions and bright purple beets on their pies, piling them with roasted garlic, capers, and sausage...yum! Check out the slideshow for a look at homemade pizza from TScarborough, dhorst, Teachertalk, BoRaynolds, and our own Adam Kuban. More

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