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5 Coffee Tattoos We Love

Even if I am as sick as everyone else is of hearing about "tattooed hipster baristas," I'll cop to also being kind of impressed that anyone loves making coffee enough to, you know, get it permanently inked onto one's skin. Here are a few of our favorite pieces. More

Got A Grilled Cheese Tattoo? Get A Discount

[Photo: Melt Bar and Grilled] It's one thing to love grilled cheese—it's another to brand that love on your body. But the owners of cheesy sandwich shop Melt Bar and Grilled, in Lakewood, Ohio, offer a lifetime 25% discount to anyone who gets a grilled cheese tattoo. And nearby parlor Voodoo Monkey Tattoo kicks in a discount. Now that's what we call teamwork. [AP via Slashfood]... More

25 Fugly Food Tattoos

[Photographs: Food Network Humor] We've done our fair share of food tattoo posts on Serious Eats, so you know we're not ink-haters. But after a while, there are only so many blog posts you can look at where someone's all like, "Look! A food-themed tat!" Snooooooz. So when our hot dog man, Hawk Krall, emailed this link to me, I was like, Seriously? Another one? Until I clicked through. Food Network Humor does it again, with a brilliant round-up of the 25 most gawdawful fugly food tats out there. The three above are just some of the "What were they thinking?" moments on display. Perhaps the best (worst?) is the sad, lonely portrait of Colonel Sanders on some dude's... More

Foodie Tattoos

It's been a while since we have broached the subject of food tattoos. What better way to immortalize (well, for a time) your favorite dish, grandma's pie, or just a spicy idea? The bacon and egg tats above are from Dan, who plans on decorating his whole arm in a breakfast theme. My bud Marleah got salt and pepper shakers on her hand and is waiting to get a slew of itsy bitsy fruits and veggies tattooed somewhere on her body. "I have a fruit and veggie collection," she wrote to me. "I really love them, shapes colors tastes!" Mmmm, just don't get caught licking your arm. I guess an image of a cupcake is undeniably classier than getting... More

Bake a Tattoo

These clever Mother's Day tattoo cookies [Warning: Music player auto-plays loudly] are the perfect gift for a mom who rocks, though they might be a little hard to make without some edible pens such as Wilton's FoodWriter markers. Still, it's less of an investment than a real tattoo, and chances are your mom would prefer the cookies. [via craftzine.com]... More

More Food Tattoos

Tattoos. If you're going to get one, it makes sense that you'd ink yourself with something you love. But while the cliché is "Mom" in a heart or a girlfriend's name ("Winona Forever"), food-themed tats are refreshing. Here, Dallas McKenzie sports a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. Related: English breakfast scalp tattoo, pig tattoo... More

Man Tattoos Head with Pizza Slice

Yesterday's Question of the Day was about food-themed tattoos. How apropos that today I see this pizza tat. The proud owner, who resides in Wales, did it for charity and to mark the opening of his new take-out pizza joint. Man has pizza tattooed on head [CBBC Newsround]... More

How Much Do You Love Chicken Wings?

You might think you love chicken wings, but do you love them enough to get them tattooed on your back? Angel wings tattoos are overdone and passé, but this is the first set of chicken wings I've ever seen.... More

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