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We Try the New Lindt Hello Bars from Target

Sweets Erin Jackson 9 comments

A collection of new dessert-inspired chocolate bars from Lindt is now available exclusively at Target, including Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Brownie, and Crunchy Nougat. Naturally, we had to try them all. More

General Tso's Chips from Target: Wait, What?

Carly Gilfoil 47 comments

While shopping at Target this week, one item caught my eye: the General Tso's potato chips. Take the flavor of a Chinese-American favorite and roll it into a chip—how does this rank among Things That Taste Like Other Things? More

Target's Exclusive Ben & Jerry's Flavors: Berry Voluntary & Brownie Chew Gooder

Sweets Brad Thomas Parsons 18 comments

Ben & Jerry's kicks off summer with two new flavors: Berry Voluntary and Brownie Chew Gooder, which you'll only find at another big-box retailer, Target. And if the names didn't give it away, this partnership helps foster volunteerism. You can visit Scoop It Forward to identify volunteering opportunities in your local community. We got our hands on a couple pints, and gave them a try. More

Mixed Review: Archer Farms Caramel Monkey Bread from Target

Sweets Lucy Baker 4 comments

The origin of the term "monkey bread" is a sticky subject. Some attribute it to the round, edible fruit of the African baobab tree. Others argue that the way it's eaten—everyone yanking at it at once, stuffing pieces in their mouths as fast as they can—is reminiscent of monkey behavior. Whatever the true source of the name may be, one thing is for certain: monkey bread is a scrumptiously gooey indulgence that appeals to the sugar-loving kid in all of us. Recently, Archer Farms, Target's brand of "premium foods," introduced a mix for Caramel Monkey Bread that I couldn't wait to tear apart. More

Taste Test: Cheap But Good Olive Oils

Taste Tests Erin Zimmer 60 comments

Does good-quality, cheapish olive oil exist? We tried nine grocery store-bought olive oils—nothing over $20 per liter, with most bottles hugging the $10 price point. They ranged from buttery and mellow to peppery and cough-inspiring. Check out the results. More

Retro-ish Oreo, Ritz Packaging at Target This Summer

Adam Kuban 5 comments

For those of you who care about such things, The Dieline reports that Target will be selling limited-edition Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers in retro-ish packaging this summer. My advice? Don't open them, wait 20 years, and sell them on whatever auction site exists in the futureā€”at that point, I'm sure, Target will be selling retro-2009 Oreos.... More

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