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Snapshots from Tanzania: Zanzibar's Street Markets

Stone Town is the old part of the capital, Zanzibar City, and is a very small town that basically consists of beach front hotels and restaurants and an intricate network of alleyways within the interior. One of Stone Town's major attractions are its street markets. When the sun sets, fishermen and other vendors set up tables in a large courtyard lit with gas lamps. Most of the tables are filled with the catch-of-the-day ranging from octopus to barracuda to shark. There also also chicken and beef skewers, chips, and other small odds and ends. More

Three African Teas to Start Your Morning

Africa may not be at the top of your mental list of tea-producing continents, but you'd better believe they grow it. Though export to North America is not as widespread as the teas of China, Japan, Taiwan, and India, the teas produced in Africa fall quietly below our radar but are certainly worth exploring. More

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