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Recap: The Next Food Network Star Season 6, Episode 9

Well, folks, we're nearing the end. Only one more week of everyone's favorite compelling food competition series, The Next Food Network Star. This week, the four finalists went to New York City to fight for a spot in the finale. There were surprise guests, there were awkward camera moments, there were inexplicable bacon dishes - let's get to it. [Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD] More

Recap: The Next Food Network Star Season 6, Episode 3

In this week's ever-thrilling episode of The Next Food Network Star, ten eager finalists grinned to the camera in hopes of achieving the "prize" of their own Food Network show. Last week, we said goodbye to crazy-eyed Doreen Fang (more on last week's episode here). Bobby Flay was absent from the proceedings this week, and I never thought I'd miss his smug mug until it was replaced by the visage of guest judge Guy Fieri. Oh, boy. This episode was gonna be rockin'!!!! [SPOILERS AHEAD] More

Andrew Zimmern Uncovers Arizona's Most Bizarre Eats

On this week's episode of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern headed to Arizona to explore some of the state's most unconventional eats. From fresh sheep's eyeballs with a Navajo family to fried bacon with gravy at the state fair, Arizona's options for unique culinary experiences are as vast as its landscapes. Let's take a look at the more unusual things Andrew feasted on in Arizona in a little segment we call What's Andrew Eating? [WARNING: Thar be (appetite) spoilers ahead.] More

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Ep. 6): 'The Finale'

It's been a rough few months for Jamie Oliver! On his quest to change the eating habits of people in Huntington, West Virginia, he's encountered opposition from parents, students, lunch ladies, talk show hosts, and on last night's finale, one very difficult to drive vehicle. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] More

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Ep. 3): 'French Fries Are Vegetables!'

Jamie was clearly upset by the sheer amount of french fry chowage (technical term) going on around him, so he took the opportunity to send out a sternly worded warning about overindulging in their deliciousness. "Do I love french fries?" he asked sarcastically. "The french fry is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. But you eat those little babies every day, and your heinie's gonna get bigger than Godzilla's jacksie!" More

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