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Video: The Hatch Family of TLC's New 'Little Chocolatiers' Show

Can two dwarf chocolatiers produce 600 chocolate dice (bigger than they are) for a casino night party? Well now you can finally find out. On December 21, TLC will premiere Little Chocolatiers, a one-hour special about husband-and-wife little people Steve and Katie Hatch of Hatch Family Chocolates in Salt Lake City. After this first episode—where the two will run into some trouble when the shop's air conditioner malfunctions (drama!)—the show will continue as a six-part series in 2010. (Will TLC somehow find six other chocolatier dwarf couples? Unclear.) They haven't released any previews yet but Eat Me Daily dug up this three-minute video on the couple. You know you want to watch it.... More

'TLC BBQ Pitmasters,' Episode 2 Recap

Note: Pitmaster Robbie Richter will be checking in every week with a recap of Thursday night's TLC BBQ Pitmasters show. Take it away, Robbie! TLC's second episode of BBQ Pitmasters, a new reality show about the barbecue competition subculture, ran last night and the premise was pretty crazy: to hold the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) and Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN) on the same day. Combining these two already rigorous contests requires the teams to cook and submit seven different blind judging boxes and entertain nine on-site judges over the course of four hours. Having cooked in over 70 contests across 14 states, I have competed in both the KCBS and MBN. Shoot, I have even competed in KCBS contests... More

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