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We Try Four Exclusive Peep Flavors for Easter

Sweets Erin Jackson 9 comments

How do Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry, Sweet Lemonade, and Party Cake Peeps measure up to the original? We found out. More

Looking for a Healthier, More Spreadable Nutella? Try Nocciolata

Sweets Erin Jackson 12 comments

Attention Nutella fans: there's another chocolate-hazelnut spread you'll probably want to pick up on your next trip to the supermarket. More

The New Ben and Jerry's 'Cores' are Pretty Mindblowingly Delicious

Sweets Erin Jackson 16 comments

The new "Cores" from Ben and Jerry's are like a two scoop sundae...in a pint. More

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Butterfinger Cups

Sweets Erin Jackson 14 comments

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups meet a Butterfinger bar in the newest item in the candy aisle. More

Are These Hershey's Spreads the New Nutella?

Sweets Erin Jackson 7 comments

Look out, Nutella. These new spreads from Hershey's (chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, and chocolate almond) are pretty awesome. More

We Try the New Lemon Oreos

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 17 comments

The newest Oreo in the family? Lemon. We see how it stacks up. More

Mixed Review: Mam Papaul's King Cake

Sweets Erin Jackson 3 comments

This King Cake mix from Mam Papaul's has everything you need to make a cake that serves 18 people, including a tiny plastic baby. More

Oh Hey, Snickers Brought Back the Rockin' Nut Road Bar

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 7 comments

When I think about all the things that I want to bring back from 2008, what tops the list are Season 2 of 30 Rock (OK, partially in hopes of Mystic Pizza: The Musical actually becoming a thing), the chipotle shrimp burrito from La Taqueria in Park Slope (RIP), and the trench coat from Zara that I left in a taxi after too many cocktails at Death & Co. Those things may be lost forever, but it turns out there is one thing I can relive: the Snickers Rockin' Nut Road Bar ($1.09). More

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Chocolate Vanilla Crème Pop-Tarts

Sweets Erin Jackson 8 comments

In honor of Pop-Tarts' 50th birthday, Chocolate Vanilla Crème has returned to grocery store shelves. The toaster pastry features a chocolatey crust with vanilla crème filling that's topped with frosting and sugary, chocolate "sprinkles". But, is it worthy of a spot in your grocery cart? We found out. More

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New French Toast Goldfish Grahams

Sweets Erin Jackson 5 comments

This new flavor of Goldfish Grahams doesn't quite taste like you'd expect, but trust us, they're awesome. More

A Valentine's Day Ode to Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Sweets Jamie Feldmar 27 comments

What happens when you reconnect with an old flame who just so happens to come wrapped in a foil pouch? All kinds of emotions, that's what. More

Russell Stover vs. Whitman's: Which $5 Box of Valentine's Day Chocolate Reigns Supreme?

Sweets Erin Jackson 24 comments

Let's say you left your Valentine's Day shopping to the last minute and your only options are a heart-shaped box of Russell Stover or Whitman's chocolates. Which should you choose? We found out. More

Sweet Hacks: How to Make 5 Tasty Valentine's Day Desserts From the Aisles at Trader Joe's

Sweets Erin Jackson 1 comment

We hit the aisles at Trader Joe's to find delicious sweets and give them a Valentine's Day twist. More

Mixed Review: Dr. Oetker Mug Cake Mix

Sweets Erin Jackson 11 comments

Show me a dessert that's ready in five minutes and I'll show you my happy dance. Upgrade that dessert to a warm chocolate cake I can make with only a whisk, mug, microwave, and milk and you'll get some extra wiggling. Sell it for $1.50/serving and I'm pretty much your best friend—provided it actually tastes good. More

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Cherry and Red Velvet M&M's

Sweets Erin Jackson 14 comments

M&M's recently released two new seasonal flavors in time for your Valentine's Day treat shopping. We sampled them both to see if they're worth the splurge. More

479° Has Nailed the Sweet Popcorn Game

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 5 comments

It occurred to me recently that kettle corn is the great underrated sweet snack, the perfect game day treat for those who are sweets-inclined. Brownies and cookies are great at most occasions, but they don't allow for extended, hours long grazing and munching. In my quest to find the perfect version there were a lot of failures, and one very awesome success. More

So This Exists: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Pint Lock

Sweets Todd Brock 13 comments

You can now safeguard your favorite ice cream flavor with a cleverly engineered working combination lock. No... really. More

Mixed Review: Pillsbury's Funfetti Glazed Chocolate Lil' Donuts

Sweets Erin Jackson 6 comments

Pillsbury would like you to believe that it's quick and easy to make tasty doughnut holes using this kit. I beg to differ. More

Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Pringles Pecan Pie and Cinnamon Sugar Potato Crisps

Sweets Erin Jackson 8 comments

Two new flavors of Pringles are popping up on grocery store shelves, but should you try them? We popped the top on both to find out. More

We Try Every Flavor of Amy's Candy Bars

Sweets Brooke Porter Katz 3 comments

Can a company like Amy's Kitchen—known for its organic, preservative-free products—compete in the candy bar market? We put them to the test. More

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