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Frito-Lay to Pull Noisy Compostable SunChips Bags from Shelves

Adam Kuban 31 comments

Said a spokeswoman for the brand, "We need to listen to our consumers. We clearly heard their feedback." Impressive that they could hear that over the din the bags make. More

Confirmed: The New Sun Chips Compostable Bag Is Crazy Loud

Erin Zimmer 40 comments

There's been a lot of talk lately about the Sun Chips compostable bag—"the world's first 100% compostable chip package," the bag clarifies. Also, quite possibly the world's loudest. In a Wall Street Journal piece, the sound was compared to a revving motorcycle, glass breaking, and a jet cockpit. We wanted to get our ears blasted, so Leah went out and grabbed us a bag. Watch the video to see what we mean! But maybe not in a library. More

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