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A Cookie A Day: Kossuth Cakes

There's something appealingly snack cake-like about these Kossuth Cakes—with their fudgy frosting and middles full of fluffy cream, not quite as s'mores-y as a Moon Pie but certainly in the same family. But we'd take these sandwich cookies over a Moon Pie any day of the week because, well, they're chocolate covered cookies stuffed with whipped cream. More

A Cookie A Day: Buffalo Chip Cookies

With recipes and stories submitted from all over the country, Sugar, Sugar is filled with sentimental sweets, among them these Buffalo Chip Cookies, a crisp-chewy take on the kitchen sink cookie. The base of the cookie is similar to a classic chocolate chip, but when it comes time for the add-ins, you can really go wild. The recipe calls for cornflakes, chocolate chips, rolled oats, and pecans but that's just the tip of the iceberg. More

Buffalo Chip Cookies

This Buffalo Chip Cookies fall into the category of kitchen sink cookies, which means that basically you can toss your favorite salties and sweets into the batter to for crisp-chewy cookies studded with everything from chocolate chips to nuts, dried fruit or even pretzels. More

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