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Snapshots from Scandinavia: My Best Bites and Sips in Denmark and Sweden

Jessica Leibowitz 12 comments

Thanks to Absolut, I recently had the opportunity to visit Sweden to see vodka-making in action. But a girl's gotta eat in between studying and sipping all things vodka. From rich espresso and open-faced smørrebrød in Copenhagen to crayfish and reindeer in Sweden, here are some of my best bites and sips from my time in Scandinavia. More

Scandinavian Streetfood: Fried Herring on Crisp Bread in Stockholm

Scandinavian Street Food Kalle Bergman 2 comments

Herring is a fantastic little fish that's always been hugely important in Scandinavia. If you visit the region, you can't really leave without having some. Try it pickled, seasoned (with one of the hundreds of local seasonings), or fermented as the infamously super-stinky Surströmming (I dare you—double dare you!). More

Günter's Hot Dog Stand in Stockholm, Sweden

rogman 10 comments

Note: Roger Magnusson first appeared on A Hamburger Today with a review of Sweden's most popular burger chain, Max. Now he's back with another Swedish fast food report, this time about Günter's, a hot dog stand in his home of Stockholm. Gunter behind the counter with a Kabanoss served in a French bread roll (fralla in Swedish) with hot sauce, mustard, and sauerkraut. [Photos: Roger Magnusson] In Sweden, hot dogs are a typical fast food dish. We have all kinds, from the ordinary dog with only bread to a half special, a normal grilled hot dog topped with mashed potatoes and a mayo-based shrimp salad (räksallad in Swedish). In Stockholm, we have a lot hot dog stands, or korvkiosks. But... More

Serious Sandwiches: Östermalms Korvspecialist

Zach Brooks 2 comments

Photograph by Sarah Brooks Much like most big cities here in the U.S., the streets of Stockholm are littered with stands selling their version of the hot dog. They call them "French hot dogs" or korv (from korvar, the Swedish word for "sausage"), and it is essentially a sausage stuffed into a French bread roll. Most stands in the city serve a generic-looking hot dog version, but for a real homemade sandwich, there's only one korv stand to visit—Östermalms Korvspecialist.... More

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