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5 New Coffee Inventions Spotted at the Specialty Coffee Expo

Drinks Liz Clayton 5 comments

What happens when you gather thousands of coffee industry professionals in one large room to show each other all their newest innovations? Well, most of them gather around five or six booths which have the very coolest toys. Here are a few of our findings of the new and cool from last weekend's Specialty Coffee Association of America show in Boston, some of which may be appearing on counters near you very soon—maybe even your own. More

A Look at the Steampunk Coffee Brewer

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

This tricked-out-siphon-turned-glass-pipe-organ brewed coffee contraption may be arriving soon at a coffee place near you. Building on the popularity of by-the-cup brewed coffee, the Steampunk tries to do one better on the super-elaborate, high-ticket brewers like the Bunn Trifecta and the Clover: and do it four different, programmable cups at a time. More

In Videos: How To Make Steampunk Hot Dogs Called 'Steam Bangers'

Robyn Lee 4 comments

Shannon O'Hare of the Neverwas Haul demonstrates how to make steamed bangers (steam-cooked hot dogs) one dog at a time using the Neverwas Runabout. Are there other methods for steaming hot dogs? Yeah, but they're not as cool. Watch the video after the jump.... More

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