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Anthony Bourdain and Marco Pierre White Don't Want Your 18-Course Tasting Menu

From left: Moderator Michael Ruhlman with panelists Marco Pierre White and Anthony Bourdain in New York on Sunday, September 14. At a roundtable discussion at the Star Chefs International Chefs Congress yesterday, Anthony Bourdain and Marco Pierre White bashed elaborate tasting menus. (Moderator Michael Ruhlman mostly stayed out of the debate, but seemed to be a quiet cheerleader). "I want two courses, not 18," White asserted, recounting a horrible experience when the chef kept sending out plates. Three and a half hours later, he had no idea what he was eating—and he wanted it to stop. "I was a fool to go with the tasting menu. All I wanted was my bill, and they said no. 'You haven't had... More

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