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The Vegan Experience: Diversity Through Restriction

On Day 3 of The Vegan Experience, I noted that when dining out, I often felt that I was always missing something, like a second class citizen who would only be begrudgingly catered to. But as the days have progressed, I've come to realize that with just a tiny bit of planning, it's in fact the opposite: my food choices have actually diversified since beginning my one month abstention from animal products. More

Bar Eats: St. Anselm

If you're too hungry for the charcuterie and cheese of Spuyten Duvil, yet not quite famished enough for the meat fest of Fette Sau, Williamsburg restaurateur Joe Carroll has reopened his third spot, St. Anselm, which he previously closed because of the difficulty in getting a liquor license. Now armed with a hefty wine and beer list, St. Anselm has ditched the original New Jersey-style sliders and sausages concept and now offers a refreshingly simple and affordable menu of grilled meats and vegetables. More

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