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Is Coffee a Performance-Enhancing Drug? (And Do We Care?)

Whether we like it or not, caffeine is classified as a drug: A naturally occurring substance in the alkaloid family, it counts among its distant relatives nicotine, opium, and cocaine. Unlike most of its seedier cousins, however, it's not only legal but almost universally consumed. But does caffeine count as a performance-enhancing drug, and should it be banned as such? More

22 Munchies for Football-Watching

Whether you're watching the NFL games for the game itself or the couch-side munchies, here are some favorites. Cheesy nachos, saucy wings, zesty guacamole, and plenty more for this weekend and the whole season. More

Football, Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys: NFL Week 2

Hey, look everybody, a new column from the Drinking the Bottom Shelf guy! This one's going to be about football, deviled eggs, and Bloody Marys. It'll run every Friday until the Super Bowl, at which point Will'll switch over to a column devoted to the Republican primaries, nachos, and prison wine. (Ha.) Until then, let's get on with the new matters at hand: the Pats vs. Chargers this weekend. More

2011 Minor League Baseball Hot Dog Roundup

Last week we looked at Major League Baseball's 2011 roster of signature hot dogs, including a few ridiculous meat-on-meat concoctions. But some of these Minor League hot dog atrocities make those look boring! We're talking one-pound hot dogs loaded with toppings like wasabi, chocolate chips, chipotle ranch dressing, okra, pineapple, frog legs, which are then dipped into funnel cake batter, wrapped in bacon and / or stuffed into twinkies, hamburgers, or even other hot dogs. More

Major League Baseball's Best and Craziest Ballpark Hot Dogs for 2011

Meat on meat insanity is big this year at the ballpark concession stands. There's the Cincinnati Reds' bacon-wrapped, deep-fried Meat Lover's Dog topped with chili and garnished with crispy fried salami. The Orioles have a brand new pit-beef and pepperoni topped Birdland Dog, while other parks are topping hot dogs with pulled pork, barbecue sauce-drowned brisket, and even cheesesteak meat. Take a look at some of the craziest dogs we found across the country—we threw some classics in there too! More

The Super Bowl of Food: Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

It's Super Bowl time, and at Serious Eats, that means the same showdown we do every year: which team wins for the best food city? This year, we'll give each city a wide berth—say, 150 miles, or until you encroach on another team's territory. After all, Packers fans don't just live in Green Bay. So if delicious foods were predicting the Super Bowl score, how would the game play out? Follow along with us, quarter by quarter. More

Video: Paul, the World Cup Psychic Octopus, Could Be in Hot Water

Since the start of this year's World Cup, Paul the octopus has accurately predicted the outcome of every match played by the German soccer team. He's six for six, and has become a soothsayer cephalopod phenomenon (ah, way too many syllables!) on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the internet this week. Paul says Spain will win in Sunday's final, and Germany (his home is the SeaLife Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany) will take third over Uruguay on Saturday. However, Paul better watch out—some hungry Germans might have a big vat of boiling water waiting for him. More

Cakespy: Olympic Ring Cookies

The Olympics: a time to celebrate the infinite abilities of the human body and spirit. Of course, if you're more of an armchair athlete, you'll be happy to have plenty of cookies to keep you company while watching those sporty types do their thing. More

Poll: Best Football-Watching Snack Food

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] Even if you're not getting all riled up for the AFC and NFC playoff games this weekend, odds are you would watch them if cold beer, nachos, and buffalo wings were nearby. But if you had to pick just one favorite grazing food, what would it be? This poll should come in handy for future Super Bowl party menu planners.... More

Quote of the Day II: I Wish I Was a Baller

"“He’s the only player that’s in the N.B.A. finals who is so out of shape. For the minutes that he plays, that’s almost impossible, but somehow he manages to find a way. Eating pizza before the game, every game, that’s unheard of.” —Orlando point guard Anthony Johnson, on teammate Hedo Turkoglu... More

Quote of the Day

"Hell, maybe we like Chicago a lot and wanna come back. The pizza's freakin' good." —Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics coach, after the Bulls beat the Celtics, 121-118 (two overtimes!)... More

Scoreboard Gourmet, a Blog About Stadium Eating

scoreboardgourmet.typepad.com Scoreboard Gourmet is a blog covering food's intersection with sports, particularly baseball right now. With Florida spring training in full swing, they are less focused on steroid scandals, more so on hot dog vendors and smoked corn. Some recent breaking news: the new Yankees stadium will not sell guava juice. [via djacobs]... More

Build a Snack Food Stadium For Your Super Bowl Party

Holy Taco got much holier after creating the best snack food stadium ever with a field of guacamole, Slim Jim goal posts and a Twinkie-buttressed stadium. Is that our favorite shaggy-haired Steelers safety Troy Polamalu down there? Oh, nope. Just a Vienna sausage in a cheddar helmet. For security purposes, a bacon wall will keep the throngs of screaming fans—in this case tortilla chips—from falling onto the field. And hey, what do you know. A 20-ounce sausage Goodyear blimp just chilling (thanks, Photoshop!). Total calories: 24,375. Total cost: $86.47. Total deliciousness: 1 Billion trillion dude. One billion trillion. Sounds pretty priceless. Related: All Aboard the Meat Ship, Matey... More

Blogwatch: Atomic Deer Turds

Photograph courtesy of Robb Walsh Need another easy, filling and delicious finger food for your football parties? Robb Walsh of the Houston Press featured atomic deer turds as a treat for the Texas tailgaters. Ground venison sausage, jalapenos, and cheese wrapped into a neat little ball? How could you go wrong? Walsh also lists variations on the dish by using different meats, cheeses, and animals to name the turds after. I for one love jalapeno poppers so this dish is right up my ally. What's your favorite gaming finger food?... More

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