'Splenda' on Serious Eats

Sugar-Free Pumpkin Peeps, Not Worth the $2

As a Peeps hater, I don't approve of special edition Peeps, let alone the traditional Easter ones. But this has gone too far: Sugar-free Pumpkin Peeps, made with Splenda. Trying to create a "sugar-free" Peep is like attempting "vegetable-less" cabbage. Even if you're limited to a sugar-free diet, this is not worth it. Splenda may be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, but this tastes like foam. A foamy mattress, to be exact. To make it worse, the set of three pumpkins was $1.99. Three orange, fat circles with nubs—bearing mattressy undertones—for two-bucks! And if you need one more reason to avoid this, the package says: EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION MAY CAUSE STOMACH DISCOMFORT AND/OR A MILD LAXATIVE EFFECT. Do... More

New Splenda Packaging Boasts Fiber Content

Splenda always contained maltodextrin, which is considered a soluble fiber, but according to Food-Notes, now the pale yellow packets are really pushing the fiber presence. New boxes read: "1 gram of fiber per packet." Whether a chemical formula tweak, or just an advertising strategy to court the fiber fiends, Splenda wants to aid in your digestion.... More

NutraSweet Sparks Fake Sugar Color Wars

Image from adage.com In the sweetener world, pastel colors are very iconic. Pink means Sweet'N Low, blue is Equal, and pale yellow is Splenda territory. Consumers are trained to seek out certain colors when they want certain artificial sweeteners, but NutraSweet could confuse that thought process. Until recently, the brand was just a pepperminty red-swirl of a logo on packaged goods, but as reported by AdAge, NutraSweet has officially entered the $1 billion mini sugar packet industry. The new product is available in familiar shades of pink, blue and yellow, a color wheel of brand loyalties that corporations have spent years establishing. Couldn't NutraSweet be original and at least pick purple or light green? As AdAge points out, this type... More

Equal (Blue) vs. Splenda (Yellow): We Have a Winner

Well, I did my Equal vs. Splenda A-B test on a bowl of corn flakes yesterday. Splenda, as most of you Serious Eaters predicted, was the clear winner. I guess the courts are going to decide if the Splenda folks can make the advertising claim that it's made from sugar. From my vantage point, Splenda actually tasted like sugar going down. Equal was just as sweet but had a slightly odd aftertaste. Not like that awful Sweet 'N Low aftertaste that could cut through Limburger cheese, just an odd metallic aftertaste that was none too pleasant. From now on our household is going to be Equal-free and Splenda-filled.... More

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