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How to Make Spam Musubi

In Hawaii, musubis are found at every convenience shop on the islands, 7-11 included. They're sold in school cafeterias and right alongside butter mochi at local bake sales. Picnic? Someone's mom is bound to make at least two dozen. Sleepover? Either dinner that night, or straight out of the fridge for breakfast. It's a ridiculously simple creation, yet its extremely high rating on the scale of tastiness cannot be denied. More

Snapshots From Hawaii: Spam Musubi

Leaving our parkas behind in the snowdrifts of western Massachusetts, eight of us descended onto Honolulu for Spring Break: Hawaii. Okay, so before you conjure up visions of wet t-shirts, body shots, and mortified mothers all over the country watching MTV, think again. Well, almost (sorry Mom!). But really, we surely did more eating than anything else. Lucky for us, our friend Tommy was born and raised in Honolulu, so not only was he so generous to house our raucous bunch at his mountainous bamboo forest abode, we were promised the best eats the island has to offer. Most importantly, he took us to the same spots he rushes to the moment he returns home from school. Our college... More

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