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Uh Oh: 15 Million Pounds of SpaghettiOs Recalled

According to this story on 9WSYR.com, the Campbell Soup Supply Company is recalling 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs with Meatballs due to underprocessing. The cans in question are 14.75-ounce cans of SpaghettiOs with Meatballs with product code "U5" on can bottom; 14.75-ounce cans of SpaghettiOs A to Z with Meatballs, product code "4N"; 14.75-ounce cans of SpaghettiOs Fun Shapes with Meatballs, product code "KS." [via dhorst, who says "Just thought some people might be interested in 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs being recalled. That's a boatload of litte O's!"]

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Video: SpaghettiOs Creator Donald Goerke Dead at 83

The New York Times carries the obituary today of SpaghettiOs godfather Donald Goerke, who died Sunday in Delran, New Jersey. Goerke was also responsible for introducing Chunky Soup, Campbell's line of heartier soups containing more visible chunks of stuff. Here, by way of memorial to the man who created an iconic American brand, is a selection of classic SpaghettiOs commercials, with the Uh-Oh kids (one of whom is a baby-faced Steve Urkel). Our condolences go out to Mr. Goerke's family and friends, and to all the fans of the tomatoey circles that were a part of our collective childhood. Videos, after the jump.... More

Foods We Loved as Kids, Maybe Not as Adults

As children, some foods truly disgusted us. But the same ones—Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and spinach all come to mind—we now dream of roasting, braising in butter, and creaming with ricotta. As adults, there are still plenty of foods we can look back on and agree—they are better left for the kids. Joe Posnanski lists what he calls "Pixifoods," or "any food substance that is highly pleasant to the taste as a child and tastes shockingly unpleasant once you become an adult." Some examples he includes: cotton candy ("cotton root canals"), Fig Newtons ("fruit chunks wrapped in death"), and Spaghetti-O's ("plastic and ketchup"). While many of the descriptions send shivers down my spine—Beanie Weenies are a no-brainer—I still snack on... More

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