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SXSW 2010: Food- and Drink-Related Panels, Workshops, and Parties

South by Southwest (SXSW) 2010, the series of festivals and conferences centered around digital media, kicks off tomorrow, and there are some great food- and drink-related panels, workshops, and partaaays on the schedule. We've rounded up some favorites here. And in between all that busy SXSW-ing, make sure you actually stop and eat, instead of just talking about blogging about eating. Here's our guide to the best food in Austin (and around Austin). More

Christopher B. 'Stubb' Stubblefield, or Stubbs, a Texas Barbecue and Music Icon

Even if you haven't been to Texas, you might be familiar with Mr. Stubblefield. His brand of barbecue sauce, known simply as Stubb's, is stocked at most grocery stores nationwide. And though some might assume it's just a marketing ploy, that face on the package was real. He died in 1995, but his legacy (of making fingers everywhere all sauced-up) extends to the music world. He was as obsessed with music as he was with smoked meats. NPR's Kitchen Sisters has a nice profile on Stubblefield, whose Austin barbecue joint (also, conveniently, called Stubb's) doubles as a concert venue, and was hot this week on the four-day SXSW music fest circuit. From Neko Case to Ben Harper, plenty of... More

Photo of the Day: Texas Waffle

Photograph from MidtownLunch on Flickr While in Austin for South by Southwest Interactive this week, Zach Brooks woke up to arguably one of the best complimentary motel breakfasts. The downtown Austin branch of La Quinta had a DIY Texas-shaped waffle iron. You know state pride runs deep when waffles are involved. The iron is actually available on Amazon for $59.95. Related "The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging" Panel at SXSW, via Twitter Sunday Brunch: The Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever Gallery of Texas Burger Porn from the 'Houston Press'... More

The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging, via Twitter

The South By Southwest Interactive panel "The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging" wrapped up less than an hour ago. We hear from panelist Zach Brooks that it wasn't recorded, and until someone blogs it, we'll have to rely on the pointillist picture emerging from Twitteronia. Searching the hashtag #foodsxsw gives you the tweets of folks in attendance (those who bothered to hashtag their tweets, anyway). We've excerpted the most interesting ones. Panelists were Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch), Cathy Erway (Not Eating Out in New York), Kalyn Denny (Kalyn's Kitchen), and Addie Broyles (Relish Austin)—moderated by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cupcakes Take the Cake). Tweets below occur roughly in order. On Post Frequency and Traffic kittygutz: Don't get wrapped up in... More

Food Panel at SXSW Music Festival: 'BBQ the Texas Way'

Earlier today we posted about food-related panel discussions at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival. Andy Flynn, of SXSW, emailed to tell us about a conference we missed that will be going on during the following week's SXSW Music Festival: BBQ the Texas Way. Panelists include Rick Schmidt, owner of Kreuz Market; food writer Robb Walsh, of the Houston Press; and the Kitchen Sisters.... More

Food- and Drink-Related Panels at 2009 South By Southwest Interactive

Looking through the panel offerings at the 2009 South By Southwest Interactive Festival, I've found a few food- and drink-related panels. South By Southwest Interactive, a series of festivals and conferences centering on digital media, takes place annually in March in Austin, Texas, a week before the more widely known SXSW Music Festival. Nom Nom Nom: The Secrets of Successful Foodblogging "What does it take to build a successful food blog? From niche single-food specific blogs like Cupcakes Take the Cake to broader blogs like Midtown Lunch, we'll share the secrets of making readers hungry for more and attracting press and advertisers. Free cupcakes." Panelists: Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch), Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cupcakes Take the Cake), Shauna Ahern (Gluten-Free Girl),... More

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