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Is The Nomiku Portable Sous-Vide Cooker The Solution We're Looking For?

Sous-vide cookery is slowly but surely moving into home kitchens, but there's still a large convenience barrier that is stopping people. Enter the Nomiku. The idea is simple: a clip-on water heater with a built-in pump that heats and circulates water inside any pot, pan, or other vessel you'd like. With this nifty little guy, you can turn any pot in your kitchen into a sous-vide water bath. Heck, you could cook a steak in a flower pot or poach fish in a fish tank if you'd like. More

Sous-Vide 101: Prime Steak Primer

Why would anyone want to sous-vide a steak, you might ask? The short answer is flawless execution. When a steak is cooked via standard methods, even with a precise thermometer, you run a certain risk of over or under-cooking it. This risk can be minimized, but it takes practice, and skill—even the seasoned line cooks who've been turning-and-burning steaks before vegans existed will produce the occasional slightly-too-well-done porterhouse. More

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