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Feasting Bavarian-Style at Bronwyn in Somerville

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 8 comments

At Bronwyn, the food menu hits many of the Bavarian classics you'd expect—killer spätzle, of course, as well as sausages, huge pretzels, beer-cheese soup, pierogi, schnitzel, and sauerbraten—and a few that you might not. More

First Look: Tony Maws' Kirkland Tap & Trotter in Somerville, MA

First Look J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

Were you surprised when you heard that Tony Maws, Chef/Owner of Craigie on Main in Cambridge was planning a second restaurant? I sure was. I mean, he was the kind of chef who never left the pass. You could walk into Craigie on Main any night of the year and there he'd be, calling out orders and finishing plates. Heck, an entire book on his restaurant came out last year, its overriding thesis being that Tony Maws is the kind of chef who could only ever be tied down to a single location. This is the good kind of surprise. More

Daily Slice: Maple Fennel Sausage at Flatbread Company, Somerville, MA

Slice Meredith Smith 8 comments

Wood-fired pizza and candlepin bowling are a winning combination for a Somerville Saturday night. We revisited the Flatbread Company in Davis Square to see if the housemade maple fennel sausage would be the meat-lovers topping to take the crown. More

Daily Slice: Marinara from Posto, Somerville, MA

Slice Meredith Smith 4 comments

The Marinara at Pizzeria Posto is a simple pie where the sum is definitely greater than the parts. This pie has definitely risen to the top of my Boston pizza list. More

Burger City Guides: Tony Maws' Favorite Burgers in Boston

A Hamburger Today Allegra Ben-Amotz 4 comments

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Bostonian with something negative to say after tasting chef Tony Maws' burger at Craigie on Main, featuring a big, grass-fed patty, ground up with bone marrow and charred on a plancha. The burgers Tony loves in his home city are the ones that strike a nostalgic chord in the chef's heart and palate, burgers that taste of his childhood and a time long-past—burgers so nostalgic, in fact, that one of them is sadly just a memory. Here are Tony's top five burgers in Boston. More

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Flank Steak from Dave's Fresh Pasta in Somerville, MA

A Sandwich a Day Meredith Smith 2 comments

In my mind, the best part about having steak for dinner is the leftover steak sandwich for lunch the next day. Squishy white bread, mayo, and steak with good tomatoes (when available) is pretty unbeatable. But it took the sandwich geniuses at Dave's Fresh Pasta to revolutionize my steak sandwich toppings. More

Daily Slice: Pini's Pizzeria, Somerville, Massachusetts

Slice Meredith Smith 4 comments

One of the biggest pizza gripes in Boston is that the Greek dominated piescape means no good thin slices around. Not true. Just outside of Somerville's Magoun Square is Pini's Pizza (try enunciating around children), located just next door to longtime, neighborhood dumpling favorite, Wang's (I know, I know). Over the years Pini's has had some dips in consistency, but a recent visit evidences a strong upswing—so you won't get shafted. More

Somerville, Massachusetts: Flatbread Company

Slice Andrew Janjigian 14 comments

Flatbread Company in Davis Square, Somerville s located in Sacco's Bowl Haven, one of the few remaining old-school candlepinbowling alleys in the area, and the lanes are still open for business. What could be better than pizza, beer, and bowling? Nothing, of course, so a few weeks ago, I got the team together and we dropped in to Flatbread Company to play a couple of frames and sample some of their pies. More

Inmanhattan at Trina's Starlight Lounge in Somerville, MA

Drinks Meredith Smith Post a comment

Straddling the Cambridge-Somerville line, Trina's Starlight Lounge seemed to come with a bar full of neighborhood regulars when they opened in the fall of 2009. It quickly became the post-shift living room for industry folk. You would be well-served to order one of the craft cocktails, such as the Inmanhattan ($9). More

Drinking Nationally: Beer Cocktails

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 8 comments

Lately we've noticed a lot of beer-based cocktails on bar menus all around the country. Whether it's a chocolaty imperial stout, a tart Flanders red, or a dash of bitter pale ale, beer adds complex flavor and refreshing effervescence to a mixed drink. Check out the slideshow for our favorites. More

Boston: The Pop-Up Restaurant Trend

Meredith Smith 5 comments

Notable Boston chef Will Gilson and Aaron Cohen have organized a pop-up restaurant venture, Eat (@EatBoston). Of course, cooking in foreign kitchens and using a food truck to produce a five-course meal for 50-plus people comes with its own set of challenges. Are you willing to pay $60 for an event that, while singular and fun, will probably not knock your socks off food-wise? More

Photo of the Day: What The Fluff Festival

Erin Zimmer 4 comments

[Flickr: MulderMedia] The What the Fluff Festival, a celebration of Marshmallow Fluff in its birthplace of Somerville, Massachusetts, brings new meaning to WTF. On Saturday, Fluff enthusiasts piled into the town's Union Square to listen to Fluff-themed poetry slams, sample Fluff-bearing foods, and play games like "Fluff, Knife, Bread" (a modified version of Rock, Paper, Scissors). This year, you could even follow the festival on Twitter (@FluffFestival). The tradition all started four years ago when the gooey white stuff was receiving some negative press. A bill was proposed to limit the number of times a week school cafeterias could serve the "unhealthy" Fluffernutters, a regional sandwich favorite combining the joys of Fluff with peanut butter. In response, Mimi Graney... More

R.F. O'Sullivan's Burger Throwdown

A Hamburger Today J. Kenji López-Alt 11 comments

Editor's note: Earlier this month Kenji Alt met with fellow AHT member millions for a burger duel at R.F. O’Sullivan’s in Boston. Here are the results. R.F. O'Sullivan's 282 Beacon Street, Somerville, MA 02143 (map); 617-492-7773; rf-osullivan.com Having been challenged... More

Somerville, Mass.: R. F. O'Sullivan & Son

A Hamburger Today Lauren Krueger 13 comments

It is a well-accepted fact that if you live in the Boston area long enough, you're going to have a buddy named Sully. With that in mind, I'd like you to meet mine: Located in Somerville, Massachusetts, next door to... More

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