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Oh Hey, Snickers Brought Back the Rockin' Nut Road Bar

When I think about all the things that I want to bring back from 2008, what tops the list are Season 2 of 30 Rock (OK, partially in hopes of Mystic Pizza: The Musical actually becoming a thing), the chipotle shrimp burrito from La Taqueria in Park Slope (RIP), and the trench coat from Zara that I left in a taxi after too many cocktails at Death & Co. Those things may be lost forever, but it turns out there is one thing I can relive: the Snickers Rockin' Nut Road Bar ($1.09). More

Jacques Torres: 'M&M's and Snickers Bars Rule'

Photograph from Lin Pernille ♥ Photography on Flickr The Huffington Post's Jane Levere posted about a panel discussion chocolatier Jacques Torres participated in at New York's 92nd Street Y. It turns out that, just like millions of people around the world, Torres has a keen appreciation for M&M's and Snickers bars. Surprisingly, when asked which chocolatiers he respected most, Torres mentioned not only Francois Pralus, a contemporary French chocolate-maker famous for his single-origin bars, but also Forrest Mars."If I can go back in time and work with someone, I would love to work with Mr. Mars. I love the character, he was a very interesting man. He created the two first candies in the world today, M&M's and the... More

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