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Snapshots from Paris: Perrier with Smaller Bubbles

"It was more sparkly than Badoit, less sparkly than the green Perrier in a can." [Photographs: Kerry Saretsky] I was baking like a clam in the Luxembourg gardens one boiling hot day recently. It was time for a can of Perrier. Yes, a can. I love how its looks like soda. An older American ex-pat with a round belly looked up at me and scolded, “The French never drink Perrier.” “Well, my parents are French and they drink Perrier!” They buy cases of it at Costco every two weeks. “The bubbles are too big.” He closed his eyes and sunk back into the heat. Hmph. I marched off to the little pagoda and demanded my cold can of Perrier. And... More

Snapshots from Paris: Lobster Sandwiches and Goose Fat Fries at Spring

The best lobster roll I've ever had. [Photographs: Kerry Saretsky] I’m a New Yorker, so I know that no matter where I am, if people are lining up to eat, it probably won’t be that long until I’m lining up to eat there, too. And so it was that while I was living in Paris this summer, I lined up to eat at Spring. Except, happily, all the waiting was done while I was asleep. Every Saturday, Daniel Rose turns, or I should say turned (I’ll explain later) his tiny Montmartre outpost, known for its never-the-same-twice menu, into a one-trick pony: lobster sandwiches, goose fat fries, and Champagne. Thanks to a very Paris-savvy friend and eating partner who informed... More

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