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Snapshots from Korea: Looking For Frozen Sweets in the Hongdae District of Seoul

Artisanal ice cream seems like it would be a sure-fire hit in Seoul, especially during the hot and humid summer days when temperatures can easily reach into the 90s. I recently found myself in the young and hip Hongdae district, full of indie spirit and whimsical shops, clubs, and restaurants. Wandering in the heat amidst the cat cafes and street vendors, I was focused on finding some frozen refreshment. More

Snapshots from Korea: Smashing Pastry at Schneeballen in Seoul

A late spring stroll through the hip Hondae district of Seoul yielded a strange and surprising sight: a window full of colorful, giant "snowballs." Upon closer inspection, I was delighted to see that these were actually powdered sugar-covered pastries called Schneeballen at a bakery/café that's appropriately named Schneeballen. The best part? When you smash them with a mallet. More

Snapshots from Korea: The O-Il Jang (Five Day Market) on Jeju Island

During the filming of PBS's The Kimchi Chronicles, renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his wife, Marja, visited one of the several O-Il Jang (5 Day Market) on Jeju-do, the provincial island off of the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. According to the producer of The Kimchi Chronicles Eric Rhee, Vongerichten was so inspired by the market that he halted the shooting schedule, bought everything in sight, commandeered the kitchen of a local hotel, and cooked an impromptu multi-course meal for the film crew and hotel staff. More

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